GTA 5 Fans Attempt To Piece Together Map of Los Santos Based on Screenshots

GR - "Fans of the GTA series are attempting to stitch together a map of Los Santos in GTA 5."

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DoctorNefarious1231864d ago

If this site is anything to go by GTA5 going to be one juggernaut of a game. I'm predicting it will sell over 20 million units. Make it happen Ps3 and xbox 360 fans.

BattleTorn1864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

20 million is par for GTA (in todays standards) PS I didnt disagree

ratcop221863d ago

Over the course of a year? Maybeif next-gen consoles are arriving then that might kill sales. But it's likely it'll sell that much...

DoctorNefarious1231863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

I agree with you that next gen consoles might kill sales. But you have to factor into account that the ps3 and xbox has more than double the install base now than when GTA 4 first launched. Taking that into account I still think 20 million is achievable.

BaN590DeR1864d ago

Rockstar should release anything about the game ASAP , because people are getting little bit creepy.

Y_51501864d ago

This is pretty impressive!

Redempteur1864d ago

that's some dedication and free time to do this hopefully they're wrong and the map is even bigger !

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