Why Psychonauts is one of the greatest games ever made

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no_more_heroes1870d ago

If anyone hasn't played this game yet, do so YESTERDAY.

I'm still annoyed that it didn't sell more than it did.

zerocrossing1870d ago

I remember when this game came out, I was put off by the box art for some reason, what a utter moron I was missing out on it and I still haven't played it yet.

rbailey1870d ago

Great article and yes everyone should play this game if they haven't already

zinger_AU1870d ago

LOOOOOOOOVE PSYCHONAUTS! For some reason my copy never worked through either of my 360's or any of my friends' 360's. Love it but, thanks for reminding me how awesome it was

gamerz1870d ago

Not sure the current price but is was $2.50 on Steam over New Years. Woo hoo!

r211870d ago

This game was simply fun and very unique. Wish they'd make a sequel now :C

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