The Hot List: New Games You Need to Buy This Week

Got an extra 60 bucks burning a hole in that pocket? Tired of researching which games to buy? Lucky for you, has done all the thinking for you. Here are the games that made the hot list for the week of February 24th.

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soccerstar3950d ago

LOL the last thing i would spend $60 for is turning point fall of liberty, easily the worst demo i have ever played

Da360sucks3949d ago

Lost Planet for me
this is 1 of the games i like on the lagbox
1 of 2 i owned
gears of wars was the other
$40 im buying it

Sony sucks balls3949d ago

You must be talking about the pos3 when you say lag box cause of there ghetto psn network. Go get xbox live it's a much better online service.

Mycococo3949d ago

i dont even have a ps3 (anymore) i have a 360 and those NAGGERS at ms kept charging me through january and february after i told them not to and now the threaten to send me to collections!!!!!!! i have spent enough money on that god dam system than to have them send me to collections for not paying $14 on a service i didnt recieve.!

anyway! why the fruck is TIRNING POINT on that list! what a pos game!!!!!

permutated3949d ago

Patapon is the only worthy game on that list.

poos33949d ago

papaton is a horbble game tbh sony should have bought the dishwasher and xna title for the xbox its a muchhhh better game than papton looks better and has better gameplay

PirateThom3949d ago

Dishwasher is horrible, like the rest of those flash games Microsoft are going to start charging money for.

Except Jellycar, it's a winner.

Yoma3949d ago

no game for me this week

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