If Far Cry 3 Does Get Dinosaur DLC, I Hope It’s This Ridiculous

Kotaku - Looks like we're not the only ones hoping that Far Cry 3 gets some dinosaurs sometime soon.

(Though it's not like we ever really thought we were alone. I mean, come on: EVERYONE WANTS THIS, UBISOFT.)

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rbluetank1929d ago

i always hope they would add dinosaurs. they mention dinosaurs in the sp. i would love to see a dlc with dinosaurs. i would gladly buy this dlc..

spicelicka1929d ago

dinosaurs would be epic

KrimsonKody1929d ago

I would like some giant ass Jurassic Park style dinosaurs chasing after me, in the jeep!
That would be really fun. I wonder if there will be multiplayer modes with dinosaurs.

Bathyj1929d ago

Ok, Im at work watching it without the sound.


bodybombs1929d ago

lol im doing the same. no idea

Fil1011929d ago

lol and thats just a video they need to fix the mics online on the ps3 not sure what there like on other platforms.

Perjoss1929d ago

I'm also at work with no sound, and I'm also thinking WTF?!?

Lordchunk1929d ago

You got me on portable sausage maker.

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