Start Your Morning With Wake-up Club For PS Vita Next Week

Back in April, we unveiled a host of new applications coming to PS Vita, including Wake-up Club, a new interactive way to start your day with other PS Vita owners. Next Tuesday, the application will be available to download for free on the PS Vita PlayStation Store in North America!

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dontbhatin1956d ago

Ive been waiting for this. Im hoping this will be able to wake myself up. lol

Soldierone1956d ago

It sounds stupid to some people, but I'm honestly excited for it.

We have been trying to wake up earlier for a while, and now this adds yet another reason to it. When you live in a desert and its so hot that no one goes outside, its hard to get motivated lol

Skate-AK1956d ago

Haha I know what you mean. It's like that up here in the arctic too.

Sarobi1956d ago

lol this won't work for me.. I sleep through noise sadly

Cam9771956d ago

I really like the look of the stat tracker, is this getting a UK release?

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