Sony Patent Shows Why Full Body Move Control Would be Dangerous, Terrible

The PlayStation Move is an incredibly precise device that can track your hand movements in the 3D space at a nearly 1:1 level, but that’s also one of its biggest problems – it can only track your hands. So what about your legs?

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Sev1926d ago

Don't try this. FTFY

ABizzel11926d ago


I can imagine the tons of laughs from youtube videos of PS Move fails.

SilentNegotiator1926d ago

Let's leave motion gaming to Bear Grylls.

dbjj120881926d ago

Ugh, please no. This could hurt way too much.

ftwrthtx1926d ago

The PS2 Eyetoy actually did a great job of body tracking with games like Antigrav and the fighting one (can't remember the name)

Belking1926d ago

eyetoy couldn't do body tracking. It used gesture recognition like the ps eye which could track your hands and head in 3d space but not full skeletal tracking.

zebramocha1926d ago

The ps eye and eye toy could do body track but not in 3d.

ftwrthtx1926d ago

It did a great job of tracking above the waist and it could follow your arms, upper torso, and head.

Isn't that body tracking?

Belking1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

How can they track your body without being in 3d? That makes no sense.

Neither one could do FULL BODY tracking in 3d. Eye toy couldn't and PSeye could only track the illuminated orb(or hand movement) on the end the move controller. Neither one are true 3d cameras.They mostly only detect movement. They can't distinguish limb from limb. A true 3d camera scans your whole body's skeletal frame and displays it on screen.

Ps eye can do facial recognition but you have to program for it.
No that isn't body tracking. It is basically only tracking sudden movement.

This is full body/skeletal tracking.

zebramocha1926d ago

Kinect is a depth sensing camera and the ps eye is based off common web cams,Richard marks talked about it in the natal on ps2 video.

BitbyDeath1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

Unlike Kinect though PSeye can track finger movements.
As demonstrated in games like Kinetic on the PS2.

Hicken1926d ago

Man, you try way too hard, and are almost ALWAYS off the mark.

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