TGR: The Next 20 Years of Gaming

Ray Kurzweil may have had the stage at GDC, but TGR has been given the gift of true prescience to let you know what the future really holds for the gaming industry!

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cain1413714d ago

It was pretty funny...

Nick27283714d ago

I firmly believe that each of these will, in time, become true. The world is just strange enough for it to be possible.

Surfman3714d ago

red-ray is actually the normal ray DVD lol

cain1413714d ago

I think that was the point...

Relin3714d ago

HTDVTDGITPQRS will definitely win the format war!

KeenanTheSavage3713d ago

HTDVTDGITPQRS....sounds like a monster. *screams*

Mighty Boom3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

Horrible read.

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