4 Companies That Could Save THQ Franchises

Richard Bailey of writes:
When THQ first emerged onto the scene back in 1989, the video game industry was booming and ripe with potential. Over the decades that followed, THQ managed to acquire top-notch studios like Volition and Vigil Games to create what would become two critically acclaimed franchises in Saints Row and Darksiders. Fast forward to 2013 and now a once promising studio is nothing more then a diminished brand rooted in debt.

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majiebeast1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

3 of those i dont want anywhere near THQ's IP's guess which.

Nope square enix just look at the new hitman.

rbailey1747d ago

My guess would be EA, Activision, and Ubisoft lol

DragonKnight1747d ago

Agree with majiebeast. Keep Square-Enix AWAY from Darksiders. We don't need them to ruin it like they ruined Final Fantasy.

GSpartan7771747d ago

Darksiders I would rather have Platinum Games or Sony Santa Monica (preferred) with it.

rbailey1747d ago

Those are some good choices right there. If Sony Santa Monica took on Darksiders then it would be even more badass then it already is.

Skips1747d ago

What if Sony Santa Monica did there own version of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse instead?

That would be pretty epic as well.

ApolloTheBoss1747d ago

@Sonic200 Well, considering Joe Mad left Vigil they're gonna need a new art director anyway.

Ezz20131746d ago

darksiders with god of war gfx and gameplay ... yeah go for it

Soldierone1747d ago

Sucks that so far Sony is showing no interest in buying any of the franchises though. Hopefully they surprise us.

"they will come anyways" yeah and if they ONLY come to you, thats a big deal.

rbailey1746d ago

After reading these comments now i want Sony to buy that Darksiders franchise lol

prototypeknuckles1747d ago

personally all of these besides ubisoft are terrible choices.

ironfist921747d ago

I agree. Would rather Ubisfot take over Metro, Red Faction and Darksiders. I dont particularly trust the other publishers.

I can see Saints Row being taken up by Activision, however again, would prefer Ubisoft.

Venomousfatman1747d ago

If EA ends up getting the WWE franchise, things will get very crazy and interesting.

sithsylar1747d ago

Servers will also be shut down in a years time hahah.

Summons751747d ago

Activision should not touch Saint's Row. They would turn it into a call of duty clone or a game where in order to unlock the full game you need to buy $15 toys from the store, each sold individually.

Soldierone1747d ago

It's not even that. It will just be milked to death with yearly releases. Once it stops selling so well, they will can it....

The way it is now, Saints Row could compete with GTA. Under Activision it might compete one year, then be cloned to death for 4 years.

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The story is too old to be commented.