The console Apple doesn’t want you to know about. writes: "Welcome to a brief retrospect on video game consoles that didn’t fare well with the consumer market. All this talk about CES 2013, it has to be noted that not everything for the Consumer Electronics Show will be successful. In fact almost half of all the cool tech you see will never really take off… anywhere. The 1995 console from Apple called the Pippin is no exception. Let’s discuss the console that Apple doesn’t want you to know about."

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TheGrimBunny2012d ago

This would be interesting!

Mac is OK2012d ago

What would be interesting? The Pippin?

TheGamerDood2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

Apple has already stated that they're interested in getting back into gaming but not in the traditional sense. I think they might go the Vidia Grid route or something similar since they have that huge facility in North Carolina.

If they do decided to go all in I have no doubt that it'll have a positive effect similar to when they got into music/movie/ebooks, driving down prices and also changing the way the industry deals with DRM.

darthv722012d ago

people who dont know about the apple/bandai pippin and only now are finding out about it think its "interesting".

those of us that have been gaming for many many years have known about it for some time. It was interesting in its day and still quite collectable because of its obscurity.

It wasnt anything to really turn heads like the fm towns marty was though. or even the supergrafx.

2012d ago
2012d ago
edwoods2011d ago

This MESSAGE is for 99 percent of the N4g community: Stop posting lame messages below articles with your pseudo intellectual, business-mind wannabe strategies on what multi million/billion dollar companies should or shouldn't be doing. Just because you took a few economic classes in college and learned a few big words doesn't mean you know anything. No one on here has any true investment wisdom, so stop stroking each other off and go get job's in the stock market if you're so damn "smart"

violents2011d ago

All this in response to someone saying "intresting"? Get a life man.

edwoods2011d ago

This message is a general statement, unapplicable to any one comment. Stop trying to digress the point being made about the joke of a community that is N4G

ZombieKiller2011d ago

Interesting? No thank you. As much as I love my xbox, microsofts cocky attitude and bad business practices have started something very bad this generation. I REALLY don't want Apple to enter the competition. Sony's trying to still keep the PSN free but with more competition, they will raise prices and follow trends as well and GOD KNOWS we don't need Apple creating bad trends.
Then again, maybe them and COD can get together and just release a new game console and game every year.
Seriously think about what Apple is doing with iphone by releasing a few extra features on the same phone and charging more. Sounds EXACTLY like what COD does, yet every year people bitch about COD not working properly. Sony wants to beat MS to the punch this year with their console. What if Apple decides they like the revenue and rush their next system out? Competition will be right there with em' and who loses? The people that bought the rushed system....if the competition follows, all the systems will be rushed.
Apple and MS turn things into branded stuff...their brand. I don't want to forfeit my games and consoles because I have to buy a $50 battery pack because the Amazon rechargables make my controller shut down. But this is where it's all going....they control the revenue and the speed they obtain it at. You pay more 'just because'

morkendo232011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

yes it would be interesting

but if APPLE go same route as MS-SONY FPS,MMO then no need to jump in the market
flooded already with first person shooters.

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Could apple revisit the console via the iOS for home consoles?

edgeofsins2012d ago

You can hook up your iPhone to the TV I think. I think they should definitely show off a tech demo of games that would take advantage of a blutooth controller while they have it plugged into a high resolution TV. I am a big gamer and I enjoy many apps on iPod/iPhone and on my Android phone. You can hook up blutooth controllers and keypads. Why not take advantage of it and also push the accessories market as well. It puts doubt into the product if people see good accessories for it that won't be put to use.

tubers2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

I'm quite interested as well. I just wish that after the next few Apple mobile product cycles, they'd have built in mini/micro HDMI out no longer requiring you to buy a TV out accessory or another stand alone product (Mac TV?).

Then again, 3-5 years from now, maybe wireless phone streaming to compatible TVs might become mainstream.

It would also be a nice gesture to customers if they'd allow great native support for PS3/360 (or upcoming) console standard controllers.

Pretty stoked on what all these companies are gonna offer years from now in terms of games.

rbailey2012d ago

Great piece and very interesting insight as well. I'm still curious what went down in that secret meeting between Valve and Apple. Maybe one day we will find out.

dirthurts2012d ago

I'm sure it had something to do with Steam support on Mac operating systems.

nukeitall2011d ago

Yeah, probably and it probably didn't go down well.

That's why Gabe is going Linux next. Apple is way harder to deal with then MS.

CommonSenseGamer2012d ago

Every company has failed product lines so why all the dramatics?

Blackdeath_6632012d ago

the article is not trying to have a go at apple as the title may seem to suggest no need to get defensive if anything it is informative as it brings to light a console i certainly haven't heard of before. another interesting point that was mad was that not all products at CES take off which makes me wonder what tech at CES will we hear more of in the future

vikingland12012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

Um the article is talking about Pipin Apples failed console is it not? Or am I missing something in the article. it seems so by the previous comments.

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