KKEnt’s Review of Mass Effect: Paragon Lost

Kuma wrote: I know many of you had a problem with the ending to Mass Effect 3 and Bioware was nice enough to give you a free change to the ending, but that is all done for now. It is time to talk about another story to the Mass Effect series and this is about James Vega. It makes you think what the other crew members of the Normandy were doing while Shepard was pronounced “dead”? I always had Vega on my squad because he was a pretty loco and reliable soldier to have especially when dealing with the Reapers. I was pretty much shocked to hear about a prequel being made starring the famed badass taking a lead role in his first animated movie. Paragon Lost is where you see James fully grow as a fighter and a squad leader which he had to use all his knowledge against a Krogan Blood Pack Merc group trying to take over a colony.

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