Xbox Live Gold Going Free Is Possible If It Follows PlayStation Plus Model

"Ultimately, I believe the best solution is a sort of "Xbox Live Plus" that's similar to PlayStation Plus and to make the traditional Xbox Live Gold free; essentially, change what the $60 fee gets the consumer."

- Nick Tan, Game Revolution

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alexcosborn2104d ago

It would be totally awesome if they did this, but I don't think they will :(

Sev2104d ago

They definitely need some sort of change to their business model. Especially because PlayStation Plus offers more value, and is optional. Granted Gold is optional too, but it SEEMS more necessary than an option if you own an Xbox 360.

MmaFan-Qc2103d ago

it wont happen simply because some peoples still pay for online, MS wont stop to milk the cow as long she will produce milk.

darthv722103d ago

i get what you are saying. where i think many misinterpret things is in their perception of what value is.

Live has been upfront from the beginning of this is what you get and has been adding more to those who have been paid members since the beginning.

+ is a very good deal but it too can be construed as a necessity when it comes to being able to play those games as part of the membership. To play the games they give must be a member. single player or multiplayer doesnt matter because if you arent a + member then the game doesnt work either way.

If people will put aside the differences in "how" the services are laid out and just look at them from the same POV. they are intended to get people to sign up and pay for the privilege of being better than the other guy who doesnt pay.

People will complain about being on the outside of an exclusive club only for so long but when they too get the opportunity to join, their perspective changes.

MikeMyers2103d ago

It won't be free unless people refuse to pay. It's actually growing in memberships, not declining so it doesn't look like they will drop the fee. Instead I imagine they will continue to try and add extra services on top of it like ESPN and UFC partnerships. A lot of it I don't care about, I just want to play online and don't think I should have to be charged to unlock a feature in a game I already purchased.

TheGamerDood2099d ago

I remember all the hate PS+ received when it first debuted and now it's the model all other services should follow? ha!

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dbjj120882103d ago

I agree. But every year they don't do this, I get closer to canceling my subscription.

NeverEnding19892103d ago

Forget about hardware specs...I'm most excited to see what PSN and Xbox Live (and their premium services)look like next gen.

I think that PS+ has forced M$ to come up with something special next gen. At the same time, with SONY hemorrhaging money you have to wonder 1) How much are they actually making with PS+ and 2) Will they be forced to charge next gen like Live?

I can't wait to see what they offer us

Dno2103d ago

they are making money with PS plus because it is using the same servie that PSN was and that was free. They give games already on the PSN for free no extra cost to sony but extra money for them. PS= is nothin but profit.

darthv722103d ago

considering there are no hidden connotations with live. you pay to play online as well as the other perks to being a paid member. the various parts of the service not available to the silver members.

Looking at PS+ there are some conditions that many seem to ignore. the free games arent free but free for the duration of the membership. if those games offer multiplayer then you too are paying to play online for those games that are part of the membership.

it isnt like all of a sudden you can stop paying and the games still work in single or multiplayer mode. If the games they provide are worth paying for...people will pay to play them.

the only ones that really can proclaim anything free are the non paid members and whatever their free service offers.

Thatguy-3102103d ago

Doubt Microsoft will simply let it be free. They have gotten away with it so far why would they simply stop charging people? People still purchase it so I highly doubt they'll let that go away

Ezz20132103d ago (Edited 2103d ago )

no way Ms will do free online after all the money they get from live

but i would welcome it though

AngelicIceDiamond2103d ago (Edited 2103d ago )

I think they will. But knowing MS they'll offer very basic multiplayer and chat with one friend under the free silver subscription come next gen.

While leaving the gold or possible Diamond subscriptions to ones who wanna pay. I personally will subscribe to gold or whatever it'll be call. I want everything MS is offering come next gen.

otherZinc2103d ago (Edited 2103d ago )

I stopped reading when this so-called "journalist insider" said Live is $60 a year.

No one on this site has paid $60. I pay $100 for 3 accounts for my 2 kids & I. For the dumb thats $33.33 per.

I'm more than happy to pay $2.70each per month because Live is integrated.

Forward Unto Dawn cost M$ 11+million dollars; we paid nothing.

I cant wait to buy 3 XBOX 720's with a Live renewal for all 3 consoles: because; YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!

Thanks M$ for a well planned online experience! My check is in the mail.

cee7732103d ago (Edited 2103d ago )

live is 60$ a year for the average joe who dont go online and get deals there are alot still out there its a sucker tax you cant go directly on your xbox and sign up for live gold for $33 can you I think not

when ps4 comes and cross game chat is free what reason will microsoft have to charge for live

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doctorstrange2104d ago

Would certainly be nice if I could save some money

Cam9772103d ago

Buy a PS3 and stop throwing money away.

zeal0us2104d ago

MS has made too money off XBLG. I doubt they ever let it go free. If you want free online gaming get a ps3 or pc.

M$ could come with a B2P option. Pay $60 one time fee and get free online gaming,party chat and cloud storage.

aviator1892103d ago

the only way this would happen would be a considerable negative growth in their live subs.

dbjj120882103d ago

Agreed. Let's start now!

ftwrthtx2103d ago

I might actually get another 360 or a 720 if they did that.

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