Understand the future impact of Blu-ray

J.J. Caguin had held off on purchasing a high-definition DVD player until now. But with Blu-ray all but crowned as the next-generation DVD format last week, the 37-year-old is ready to go shopping.

"Once I heard (that Blu-ray was pulling ahead), that put it back on my radar," said Caguin, an avid DVD collector in San Francisco. "I got excited about upgrading to Blu-ray."

"There was a cloud of confusion, and now that cloud can lift and consumers can begin looking at this," said Sandra Benedetto, a spokeswoman for the Blu-ray Disc Association and director of product development and sales engineering for Pioneer.

So will consumers be rushing out to purchase a (Blu-ray) DVD player?

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REbirth3950d ago

now that Blu-Ray is the only hd-disc, it will become as popular as VHS or the DVD...its just a matter of time, the download will only be good to rent movies, i've taken 3 days to get the Casino Royale and Superman Returns in HD,
discs or every phisical format will always make the diference, whatever HD-dvd fans want it or not!
Watching a movie is not like have some musics in your pocket!

meepmoopmeep3949d ago

it will be a harder battle than VHS to DVD. Blu-ray is only upping the res whereas DVD was revolutionary when compared to VHS. It will take longer for Blu-ray but seeing as 98% of TV's being manufactured now are HDTV's and so the consumer will want to make the most out of their sets.

gogators3949d ago

revolutionary. Blu-Ray's difference verses DVD very evident, but Blu-Ray will have to compete with DVD for sometime. There is just too much reasonably priced content to compete with.

masterg3950d ago

I predict a huge spike in this weeks PS3 sales numbers.

nicholascage243950d ago

havent you been hearing about the 700% spike in BD player sales there.

that includes the PS3 too

Archaeox3949d ago

who cares anymore

the format war is over

n4g is getting so freaking anoying with all this crap news about hd dvd and blu ray

resistance1003949d ago

Just because you aren't interested doesn't mean others aren't.

The great thing about N4G IMO is that theres so much different news, if you want gaming news look in the gaming sections, but don't start coming into the tech section and moan about it.

v1c1ous3949d ago

and complain when their 25 inch SDTV doesn't make the movie look as good as the store where they bought the player

meepmoopmeep3949d ago

they'll have to be living under a rock if they don't know what an HDTV is. And a smart consumer would research or ask questions to the sales person. then again, there ARE a lot of dumb people around

Kyur4ThePain3949d ago

Expect comparison threads to change soon, from hardware sales figures to software sales figures.
What comes after that is anyone's guess.

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The story is too old to be commented.