Ex-Bizarre Creations Devs Tease New Racing Game

Lucid Games - formed from the ashes of Bizarre Creations - seems to be teasing something new.

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Skate-AK1986d ago

I was kinda mad when the Blur beta was 360 only and I never got to play the game. I've heard good things though.

MikeMyers1986d ago

Very fun game, these guys make great racing games.

urwifeminder1986d ago

Picture looks like the london straight from PGR3 could be a new one.

RuleofOne343 1986d ago

Unless turn 10 is making it or MS sold the IP PGR3 is not happening anytime soon.

IronFistChinMi1985d ago

PGR3 came out on the 360's launch :p

Microsoft were actively searching for a development studio to make PGR5 last year, this could be the result, although the article thinks it may be Blur 2. Screenshot seems more like PGR though, like Urwifeminder states.

Plus, Playground developed Forza Horizon under the Turn 10 banner, so it could happen like that again.

RuleofOne343 1985d ago

@IronFistChinMi if Turn 10 or playground took a crack at it I know I will buy it day one , those two house have such a love for games can you imagine how great this game could be.