Call of Duty is Still Pretty Great

Every year CGM thinks It's done with Call of Duty, but, without fail, resolve ends up falling apart and CGM finds itself picking up the latest entry to the franchise a couple of months after its release.

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GamerSciz1839d ago

COD4: Modern Warfare was groundbreaking. Since then, it's been the same engine rehashed with nicer textures but no increase in polygons or anything really. Not to mention, 95% of the community uses SMGs because they are OP. Nuff said.

3-4-51838d ago

That Many people use SMG's ? I've always liked AR's. It bother's me not to have range on a gun.

GamerSciz1838d ago


You don't need a pistol/secondary. Use the PDW with the Overkill Perk (add a 3rd attachment) and just use Extended Clip (67 bullets/round), any reflex or acog or whatever you feel you like the most or none at all, and depending you could use the long barrel for longer more accurate shots and FMJ bullets to go through get the idea. 67 bullets in one round, and it takes only a few to kill...well you get the point. No AR has that many bullets in a round and the bullets are just about the same damage modifier.

CanadianTurtle1839d ago

Are you kidding me? Have you played the PS3 version?

ape0071838d ago

Xbox 360 and besides... Epic Avatar xD

KillerBBs1834d ago

Title should be "COD might have some of the worst hit detection on the planet but its still a great game".
F client side servers catering to slow connection speeds.

Playstation4LyFe1839d ago

Black Ops 2 is terrible, MW3 was a copy and paste job, black ops 1 was a mess.... its like an indie game gone wrong.

AiirJordann231839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

You say its terrible, but you buy it anyways and if you didn't buy it or play it, how can you say its terrible?

Playstation4LyFe1839d ago

k....... i rented it free 10 day rental at a local game store, I played it and Its TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE go back to your hole you rat.

Playstation4LyFe1839d ago

I would never pay 60 bucks for DLC ... im not an imbecile.

AiirJordann231839d ago

Don't come at me like an asshole I didn't come at you like that it was just a fuckin question so how about you actually play the fuckin game for more than 10 days and then talk shit about and if you don't like it go play battlefield and get off the cod article fuckin retard

ape0071838d ago

maybe on your ps3 bit it's rock solid on my 360

Summons751839d ago

If the year was 2008 sure. What's gonna be their excuse next gen when call of duty still has outdated graphics, same boring and uninspired gameplay and half the game missing because its dlc? Sorry activision really needs to rethink cod and give it fresh new gameplay before it can be considered good again.

sdozzo1839d ago

They keep the graphics down to lock frame rate.

Allsystemgamer1839d ago


I know the framerate is locked but please....

csreynolds1839d ago

With respect, what does frame rate matter when multiplayer lags like a b**ch (at least, on PS3)?

ape0071839d ago

CoD's smooth gameplay is second to non

Summons751839d ago

Yeah, yearly online lag and cheat-fest ftw!

Ares84HU1839d ago

I can honestly say that I enjoy CoD but not because of it's online. I don't play it much online. I Enjoyed only one CoD for it's online and that was CoD4. I liked the story mode in all of them so far. They were pretty cool to play through and the additional modes each game had like the zombies, the co-op missions and the survival mode were all great.

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The story is too old to be commented.
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