Are Achievements And Trophies Hurting Games?

WC - When it was announced that the Xbox 360 would implement an achievement system, many gamers groaned at the idea. Sure, it might add more replayability to a game, but if the achievements don’t mean anything, what is the point of going after them in the first place? Achievements may have seemed silly at first, but now they’ve taken on a life of their own.

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Bowzabub2019d ago

No. In fact, it think it hurts Nintendo to not have them. All they are is checklists that add more replay ability to games. Next dumb question..

Wintersun6162019d ago

No, it's just that some people can't get their priorities straight (trophies vs. enjoying the game the way you want to). And that's their own fault. I take my time with games first, and go after trophies later if I enjoy the game enough to bother.

rainslacker2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

Wouldn't a counter argument be that people enjoy getting those trophies/achievements, and that brings them some form of joy? Some people can still enjoy a game while getting trophies. Aren't you basically saying, play the game the way I want you to, thus wanting to replace the trophy system with how you think games should be played instead?

Wintersun6162018d ago

No, what I'm saying is that if I had made trophies my top priority, then I would've played many games in a different way compared to what I prefer.

For example I didn't want to play DX:HR on the hardest difficulty or completely avoid using lethal means on the first playthrough. I played it my way first and then went for the trophies second. I do enjoy trophies, it's just not my top priority to get them as fast as possible.

kagon012019d ago

Yes, those things are just tedious(not fun at all) trinkets with no value, because the games of this generation lack replay value companies add this worthless gimmick. Those are not rewards at all. What happen to the unlockable content? now its named dlc...

Belking2018d ago

Nope.. Love achievements and trophies.

SolidDuck2018d ago

Who cares, I personally enjoy them, but if u don't ignore them. Pretty simple concept.

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