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Another indication of the name of the next Xbox

Xbox NEXT incoming?

In a video released recently, Microsoft provides more clues about what might be the next name of the console next to the 360.

In the movie, which shows a new feature in development at Microsoft Research, there is also a caption that reads

"Imaging What Comes Next" (Next-Gen)

GalacticEmpire  +   1050d ago
As in 'Next to no exclusives'

(just a joke)
Blacktric  +   1049d ago
"(just a joke)"

I wish it was.
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Perjoss  +   1049d ago
Or Next as in the next best multiplats after the PC version.

(just a joke)
morkendo23  +   1049d ago
what JOKE ???
HALO,GEARS,FORZA is a joke compare to ps1,ps2,ps3 library of games.
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nevin1  +   1049d ago

M-M  +   1049d ago
DudeJets  +   1049d ago
ItsTrue  +   1049d ago
This could be a coincidence but on the bungie.net website, they use this line:

"Welcome to what we have come to know internally as Bungie.NEXT"

Sorry, no link available as it isn't allowing me to post hyperlinks and such.
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Kran  +   1049d ago
Why the hell would they even think of calling it "Xbox Next"? One of the dumbest names I've ever heard.

Xbox Infinity

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DOMination-  +   1049d ago
It's just a codename. They even have a first party studio called "Xbox Next Studios". I assume they will change the name once they announce the new console.

Offtopic: Why are there so many trolls above? If I posted that kind of stuff in a PS3 topic, I would have a permanent ban from N4G (I once got banned for 5 days because there was a topic about MS giving away 80 MS points for free. All I did was post something along the lines of it's good to get something for free but my comment was reported). The mods need to really sort this community out.
BX81  +   1049d ago
Yeah, xbox next is pretty damn lame. I want to call it something bad ass. Some thing like.... xbox the ender of worlds. I would like one ender of worlds please.
GreenRanger  +   1049d ago
I doubt it'll have the X in it's name.
In case you didn't know, the X in the Xbox and Xbox 360 comes from DirectX. The Xbox was originally called the DirectXbox.
Since their next console will likely be more for entertainment purposes and less for games, it won't be called the Xbox 720.
It likely wont have 'Xbox' in it's name.
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riverstars86  +   1049d ago
"Xbox" has now become a worldwide recognized brand, the idea of not using it for the next system is severely dumb and is never going to happen. GreenRanger, comeon buddy, you cant be that naive, Microsoft has spent hundreds of millions of dollars to market the "Xbox" brand, think before you embarrass yourself again.

Now I agree that the name Xbox Next is definitely a bad choice of a name. I actually like the name Xbox Infinity and like the idea of the infinity symbol to be used as the recognizable symbol of the new console.
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nukeitall  +   1049d ago
If you pay attention to what MS has been saying, they have repeatedly said that the Xbox brand extends far beyond just gaming.

MS recently launched Xbox Music on Windows 8, so the notion that the Xbox name is going away is pretty ridiculous.
Hingle_Mcringleberry  +   1049d ago
Yeah that makes total sense. Spend billions building Xbox into a recognizable brand, integrate it in all your new operating systems on pc, tablet and mobile, launch Xbox Music and then drop the Xbox moniker completely because the Green Ranger thinks it won't be game focused. That there is sound business advice -__-
Stick to summoning Zords bro. Also, Tommy sucks dragon balls, Jason rocks forever!
riverstars86  +   1049d ago
Hingle, the sad part is that there are two people so far that agree with his logic! Maybe gaming can be hazardous to the mental health of individuals, some people on this website sure are supporting that premise.
Tres21  +   1049d ago
man i so wanna agree wit ur 1st statements but then the last ones about Jason being better than Tommy...i just cant do it.lol
Ritsujun  +   1049d ago
NeXbox, confirmed
Bon Scott  +   1049d ago
Xbox Omega
M-M  +   1049d ago

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