Dragon Quest Swords - RPGamer Review

While none of the technical aspects of the game will floor the player, there's no getting around the fact Dragon Quest Swords is an oddly fun game; this alone redeems the small flaws, which separately are not insurmountable but together may unwittingly paint a grim picture. While the fact that the game is a pleasure to play alone doesn't make it good, it certainly ensures those hesitant to pick up the game may find themselves taking a second look. If nothing else, the sword swinging adventure will entertain those brave enough to take the leap of faith, and leave those players with both a goofy smile on their face -- and one very sore arm.

Battle System: 3
Interaction: 3
Originality: 3
Story: 3
Music & Sound: 3
Visuals: 3
Challenge: Easy
Completion Time: 10-15 hours
Overall: Average, 3.5 / 5

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