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Submitted by Linko64 1052d ago | opinion piece

Assassins Creed 3 Features The Worst Video Game Assassination Ever

Xbox Live Gamer Hub staff member Sean writes:

''So Assassins Creed 3 seems to be a popular game. The story is supposed to be decent, the action smooth and enjoyable. The characters are said to be decent, but did everyone skip the intro? Its a genuine question. I sat down all ready to 'enjoy' the latest entry into the franchise, things went a bit slow...and odd. Here I am playing as this spiffing gentleman with a fancy hat and coat. His accent is wonderful, as too is his chiselled jaw line, and he's an assassin, wonderful. So here I am with this wonderful chap about to embark on a little errand. The errand in question involves going into a opera house and ending some poor blokes enjoyment of the show.'' (Assassin's Creed III, Xbox 360)

Bentert  +   1051d ago
What did I just read?
Murad  +   1051d ago
I feel the same way
onyoursistersback  +   1051d ago
This article is crap!!! Wtf?!?
Linko64  +   1051d ago
Thanks <3
Linko64  +   1051d ago
The enjoyment of a hilariously out of place sequence within a game about stealthy assassins. Unless of course you think jumping around in front of 100's of people is stealthy... given modern day 'stealth' games, i guess it is.
SilentNegotiator  +   1051d ago
Most gamers today wouldn't know a real Stealth, Survival Horror, etc if it hit them in the face.
George Sears  +   1051d ago
This is actually true. I couldn't believe as to why you have to climb such walls with hundreds of people around you. Sure, a lot of people had there eyes fixated on the show; but it's pretty ridiculous that no one questioned or saw this bloat jumping walls.

With this in mind, Ubisoft needs to make the NPC' a lot smarter in combat and in over all intelligence. I hate when there is a stealth mission and the NPC's see me and don't give a shit once I hide or don't get caught in there full red marker.
Linko64  +   1051d ago
I thank you for seeing the point of the post. I hoped i wouldn't of had to make the point to obvious but given the posts above you i guess i should of.
Ashunderfire86  +   1051d ago
Shoot I look at Hitman Absolution the same way. How do you not take notice of a bald man with a barcode on the back of his head? And when i grab a person from behind, in a hostage situation, the enemy NPCs from behind me don't shoot. You have the advantage for crying out loud!!! In a Assassin Creed 3 the enemies still in many cases fight you one by one, while the other enemies just stand their in a circle?
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hylandpad  +   1051d ago
Given the scope of the game world, I dont think the AC series could function "realistically" - you're supposed to be interacting with people regularly.

A real 'assassin' wouldn't make a very convincing main character for a story driven game. He/she would have to be completely unattached - which is fine if you're making a game thats just about contract killing. But the assassins of the AC universe are characters, constantly interacting with people and other characters. The idea is that the people ARE your cover, all the people in that theater are supposed to in some broad way, in 'agreeance' with you.

For better or worse, however, Assassin's creed is story based, with a greater conflict - meaning that, yeah the assassinations are unrealistic and downright silly sometimes, but it serves the story.

It is not by any means, a stealth game.
hylandpad  +   1051d ago
Well, this person never played any of the other AC games it would seen. Public assassinations, hiding in plain sight, using crowds as cover are all hallmarks of the series.

I will say though, that ACIII is certainly not as strong (in any area) as the ACII trilogy was.
Linko64  +   1051d ago
I've played 1,2 and .brotherhood. None of the titles featured climbing in a such a enclosed public place where all would see the assassin. So to me your point doesn't make much sense. Climbing in clear view of the target is also bizarre. Thanks for the comment, even if it made little sense.
hylandpad  +   1051d ago
I disagree. There were numerous times in previous titles where you were climbing in clear view, or you COULD. But the AC games aren't about that - yeah it's stupid and doesn't make sense. But your assassinations are supposed to be public.

I guess it's also assumed,even if it's not shown, that the characters are doing their best to remain hidden or blended.
Linko64  +   1051d ago
I don't recall a point in any of the previous games where the character would climb to a target (who has guards) within a enclosed public place where all the focus would be on a stage. The assassin then climbs pretty much in front of a number people with NO REACTION. Not even the generic 'what is he doing?' Line uttered by NCPs in the franchise at earlier and later points. The post was exaggerated in parts purely so I could do something different from what I normally do. If people take each and e dry word seriously then I have to smirk. I figured the badly edited pictures would of been a hint! Anyway no bubbles left but feel free to PM if want talk to continue. Stupid sequence in which I took the piss out of! Not a statement on the game or the state of the stealth genre :P
zpoc  +   1051d ago
aww, it's cute when dimwitted 14 year olds try to be funny! keep it up!

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