GTA: Vice City Sells 100K Copies on Google Play In Less Than a Month

Joel Taveras writes "Android may be the leader in terms of mobile market share, but many developers find it to difficult to turn a profit on the piracy heavy platform. It’s the reason why more often than not that iOS takes precedence for many mobile game makers. RockStar Games is a developer who is the exception to rule and their latest re-release Grand Theft Auto: Vice City proves exactly that."

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Genuine-User2018d ago

Now port it over to the PS Vita please :)

Cam9772018d ago

They never will which is a wasteful shame for the consumer and R*, they'll miss out on lots of profit.

CommonSenseGamer2018d ago

I wouldn't say never but there has to be a financial incentive for doing so. Imagine if the Vita had been Google Play store friendly from the get go but could also exclusively play games specifically made for it.

mochachino2018d ago


You make a lot of sense. Shame vita just didn't come with Android OS it would have better apps and still could have had all the traditional games like Uncharted.

Axecution2018d ago

If they did it would most likely be 40 dollars sadly. :/ I really hate the vita's dumb game pricing thats all. I love the thing but damn lower the game prices to reasonable levels

CommonSenseGamer2018d ago

It plays rock steady smooth on my Nexus 7, not bad for $5. Was hard to control initially but since started using my DS3 to play it so all is fine now. I doubt however having games like GTA:VC will stop people generalising tablet gaming as nothing more than "casual".

kevnb2018d ago

How did you get that working, I'd like to try with my nexus 7.

Hicken2018d ago

Well, for one, it's a game that's... how old is Vice City, now? Not exactly impressive that it runs so well.

Besides, you say "initially," but the truth is that it's STILL hard to control; adding a peripheral takes away from the portability- I DARE you to say it doesn't. Because of this limitation, mobile devices without buttons will always be better suited to casual gaming.

SilentNegotiator2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

ZOMG 100K?! Mobilez is totes the future of gaming! lol

But seriously, 100K is decent.

rajman2018d ago

Wow I didnt expect it would have sold that much, I happily bought it for my Galaxy S3 and love playing it with my PS3 controller paired to it via bluetooth :)

sonicsidewinder2018d ago

It makes me wanna walk down a beach listening to crockett's theme.