The Violent Video Game Return Program: Ah, Cripes

Initiatives like the Violent Video Game Return Program distract us from the real source of our violence epidemic: us.

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USMC_POLICE1984d ago

I've been playing cod since cod 1 on PC and GTA since gta3 shot all them people jacked all the cars and killed cops. I joined the marines and am now a police officer. Such a negative effect thoes games had on me when I was in my early teens.

Kurt Russell1984d ago

The reason the media is happy to demonise gaming is it is a different medium that detracts from their own profits.

A lot of gamers will spend their monies predominantly on gaming instead of other media like music and films. A lot of gamers also don't spend many hours reading newspapers and watching TV. The demographic of people who do watch the news and read the paper is shrinking every day and so are the profits involved. So they attack the other mediums that are profiting from this change in hopes to claw back as much revenue themselves.

They ignore statistics like only 12% of mass killers play games, a larger percentage read books and watch TV... and just spout random tenuous links to COD and other such games. It's sad, but it's the only swan song they've got... let them sing it for now, as it won't change a thing.

linko18-19901984d ago

they can't focus on more interesting thing or waste money on things that are needed but yet they just want a reason to take down violent games. why??? so we can all just play "Dora the explorer" and besides they are only a terrible influence to the weak mind. sorry to say but true.

Rob Hornecker1984d ago

My kudos to the author of this story! Thank you for telling it like it is from a true gamer! This game buy back is just another scare tactic to try and change peoples way of thinking! Gun buy backs don't work ,theres still a ton of guns out there and can be had for the same price as the give out for a buy back right down the street from where the buy back was held.

The 1 point that sets this story apart,is the comment the author brings up about parents using video games as a "baby sitter". I work in the education field and feel that a 6 year old with emotional and behavior issues does not need to be playing Call of Duty!

Of all these so called problem areas such as what we play,watch,and listen to as a excuse to commit mass murder is BS! Lets look at the real issue MENTAL ILLNESS!

USMC_POLICE1984d ago

Agreed any kid younger than high school does not need GTA or cod. I think the media that kids see may also contribute to why kids disrespect police, teachers, parents etc. But the rating is on the box its up to the parent.