The Failings of the Kinect Two Years Later

"The Kinect for the Microsoft Xbox 360 was one of those peripherals that at the time looked like it could have been a big deal. Motion control on the Wii was currently all the rage and even then, it was using a controller with some waggle to control games."

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sway_z2012d ago

Kinect is a big fail in terms of pushing boundaries...almost a novelty (same for PS Move), and it only sold well because MS marketed the hell out of it.

I lost interest when they abandoned that interactive 'Milo' concept (lie) demo MS showed the press to get everyone pumped!!

I really can't stand motion controls

StrongMan2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

Exactly. Kinect is a franchise killer. Fable used to be a 5 million seller but Kinect turned Fable the Journey into a 150k seller. Even Dance Central don't sell anymore.

Even the so called "better with Kinect" games sell less because of Kinect. Forza was also a 5 million seller without Kinect but now Forza sales have tanked with Kinect integration.

GalacticEmpire2012d ago

"Kinect is a franchise killer. Fable used to be a 5 million seller but Kinect turned Fable the Journey into a 150k seller."

To be fair the series was on a downward spiral before the Kinect version came out.

SilentNegotiator2012d ago


Fair enough. But a more traditional entry would have done better than 150K.

But like Strongman said, even Dance Central has tumbled quickly, and in terms of quality, that's like, the best thing to happen to Kinect.

AngelicIceDiamond2012d ago

Well if Kinect is a franchise Killer then thank god PS Move is hardly around anymore right.

darthv722012d ago

kinect didnt kill the franchise's the same way as the limited improvements did.

There have been many games made before that had rather quick turnarounds for a followup that didnt really impress on what people expect from a retail release.

Kinect is the scape goat here because of a genuine disinterest in what it had the potential of offering. There may be some legit efforts made but they are overshadowed by the quick cash in on the trend.

Much like 3d this and that for content that isnt deserving of the 3d effect. It tends to cloud the market from those who really want to see what it can offer and in turn gets a bad rap overall.

I have no doubts that real dedicated kinect or move designed games would have the ability to stand out as examples of how it should be done but the number of studios that have the talent to produce are few and far between.

Kinect/move didnt fail the gamers. the devs failed move/kinect by not adhering to a set of standards and settling for the easy way to cash in.

2012d ago
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Y_51502012d ago

I agree. Milo seemed incredible seeing something at the time. But the best game I've played so is Gunnstringer. It's an alright game but nothing special.

To conclude; Kinect is failed potential.

LackTrue4K2012d ago

I see the same thing happening with that new projector there showing off.
The same thing is being said, "it's got potential"
In my eyes, it's just another fail.

Angainor72012d ago

kinect is sh*t indeed but i see you haven't lost your interest when those ps3 e3 demos (killzone, motorstorm) proved bullsh*t.

Ron_Danger2012d ago

Oh comment section... This is why we can't have nice things...

dedicatedtogamers2012d ago

Microsoft is a software company. They've proved time and time again that they can't really push hardware in terms of innovation.

Microsoft should just leave the gaming tech advancements to Sony, Nintendo, Apple, etc and then they can swoop in 5 years later and claim they invented it all along, just like they always do.

EddieNX 2012d ago

Motion controlls are great. But they can't be your main controll method like on the wii.

Wii sports was an amazing game with some friends , it changed everything. The only way you wouldn't agree with that is if you never played wii sports with some friends. On that basis alone Motion controlls will be welcome as a secondary gaming input IMO.

And Skyward sword , Imagine playing thst game with buttons ? it would suck ass...

zebramocha2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

@sway What? Move only failing is people who can't grasp the idea of motion gaming because the tech is there just no one to use it.

Phoenix762012d ago

i agree with you there about the move being a novelty.... but my 6yr daughter still love it lol

Bigpappy2012d ago

Kinect did push boundaries. Kinect Sports and Dance Central are hugely successful and unique experiences. If you look at 360 sales during the holidays, you would notice that Kinect bundles were more than half of the units sold. There are close to 30 million Kinects out there. I you guys see that as a failure, I don't know what success is.

I would agree that they have not release anything to show major advancement in the last year, but it is by no means close to being dead.

What I have not seen any info on is "the Move". That seems to be dead at this point.

SilentNegotiator2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

"Kinect Sports and Dance Central are hugely successful and unique experiences"

1) Dance Central sales crashed and burned. It WAS a successful series.
2) Kinect Sports is about as unique as about a dozen Wii games.
3) Dance Central IS a Wii game and the average user doesn't care that Kinect tracks better; they're just playing to dance around.

And of course you brought up the Move; you're simply bitter and need to pretend like Kinect's failings are actually the fault of TEH SONI FANBOISS!! to salve the pain.

AD7052012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

No one is denying that it sells well. It's just the simple fact that it's not as "revolutionary" as it was led to believe. The only reason why dance central and kinect sports sold at all was the fact that they're the only 2 games on kinect that you can play and will work most of the time. Every other kinect game is glitchy, unresponsive, and generic at best. Do you see any shooters, rts, adventure, action/hacknslash, platformer, rpg, racing games coming out for kinect? No, and theres a good reason why. It's because kinect can't work for crap with these genres and when it attempts to it fails epically. I don't like the wii mote much at all but atleast it works most of the time with everything while kinect can't even have a game off rails.

BTW how are those games innovative? kinect sports is just a cheap knock off of wii sports, and dance central is just another dancing game.

2012d ago
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whatswithjeff2012d ago

If VR games became a reality, Kinect will definitely die.

sprinterboy2012d ago

I dont own kinect but I was always interested in it, but everytime I went to purchase it I had second thoughts when having a go in the store with it, it just seemed alittle laggy same when I tried angry birds on the samsung tv`s just not worth it imo. Having said that I will look closely on the unveil of kinect 2 when the nxt gen of consoles come round, maybe the tech was alittle too early for microsoft with xbox360, but they had to prolong the console some how i guess at the time.

XXXL2012d ago

I agree. Can't stand kinect. Tried PS move too and it sucks. I just hate motion controls in general

kma2k2012d ago

Sadly enough i have both Kinect & PS Move i actually have to admit they are fun if & only if you are having a party with a bunch of people. Kinect is very fun if you are a parent with a group of children wanting to play. But as a gamer i hate them, i mean serisouly loath them.

My biggest suggestion for kinect is make ALL games controller & kinect accesable. Especially the kids games, my 3 year old loves the dance games & kinectamals but since he is small it has a hard time with the menu's & selecting stuff but playing the game is fine. Let me choose everything with the controller but the actual gameplay being motion controll!

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