EA Or Not EA - The Take-Two Question

Kotaku's Mike Fahey writes:

"So EA wants to buy Take-Two Interactive, to the tune of $2 billion, and while to a certain degree I agree with EA's CEO John Riccitiello - this would be a major win for Take-Two stockholders, who've hung on for a rather bumpy ride over the past few years, I'm not sure how good it would be to the people who really matter to us here at Kotaku - the gamers. I thought I would take a look at the pros and cons of such a massive purchase, and then let you folks discuss it a bit as well. Imagine a squiggly, screen-distorting dream sequence effect here as we ponder the question, 'What if Take-Two agreed to an EA buyout?'"

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Sevir043946d ago

why cant consoles have something mor ethan first party differentiating it. why cant 3rd party's make a console look good with 3rd party exclusives. all this bring bioshock the PS3 and MGS4 to thing is killing me... EA leave publishers and devs alone. instead of immulstiving talent with your rubbish why dont you work on your own talent and make better games. your sprinlet of one hit wonders cant and wont do it.

Damn wasn't Bioware and Panedemic enough, and the fact that you have stakes in Ubisoft isn't enough...

soon they'll start going after square and Namco, and konami and capcom, nippon ichi and even sega. hell they might eventually try to buy Nintendo, Sony and MS if they get rich enough the greedy [email protected]

lol!!! gaming isn't safe with EA around

sonarus3946d ago

apparently there are rumors that msoft too is about to propose a bid. I personally would rather have ea buy them out than msoft. I own both consoles but sooner or later i will prob end up with one and most likely will be ps3. If 2k sports goes to msoft i would be forced to re evaluate my decision. I honestly could care less about GTA 4 and everything else because there are enough sandbox type games out there but the quality 2k sports brings to the table is unmatched. I don't think anyone deserves to hold exclusive rights to such a company

toughNAME3946d ago

I mean it's hard to have a positive opinion of Microsoft...but compared to EA?

Bungie and Bizzare are both high quality developers which have produced multiple great games for Microsoft, and judging from the 2-3 years in between sequels, I don't think MS has them on too short a leash

EA forces developers to release a game annually???

I have any always will buy EA NHL games, but games like the MoH series, and NFS have been ruined because of EA

Compared to what they offered Yahoo, 2-3 billion is spare change to Microsoft

I don't think they should or they shouldn't...but...why not?

Omegasyde3946d ago

I agree for developers MSFT>EA.

IMHO Sony/Nintendo is better at taking care of thier developers.

EA has already did 2 buy outs last year and Take 2 would be too Huge and EA would have enough Developers to actually put out thier own console next generation with more exclusive games and Sony/Nintendo/MSFT Combined.

O god that is scary is EA did release thier own console....

Hydrollex3946d ago

Take-Two is playing with EA ! I'm sure they will not sell it.

2 billion ?

when I compare it to 50 billion when Microsoft wanted to buy Yahoo, I feel it's a joke.

sonarus3946d ago

why would you compare yahoo to take two. Two different types of companies plus last i checked take two was in debt and they have been struggling for a while. Their value isnt that high and they know it. Their value will rise after the release of GTA4 and not before thats why they are waiting for GTA release.

Omegasyde3946d ago

Yea take 2 is hurting. Their sports are great, but without the NFL license in the U.S.... That really hurt them.

Bioshock was great and sold well but one great game a year won't cut it.

I like the Ea approach where they crank out 30 crappy games a year, and then recover all that money with Madden.

Bathyj3946d ago

I wonder when EA will build a Deathstar and defeat the rebels (aka every other dev out there.)

EZCheez3946d ago

And there will be a new version with minute changes for each year following.

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