Metro: Last Light Preview | OXM

OXM: "Previous Last Light demos (at the last two E3 shows) have touched heavily on this sequel’s story, which follows Metro 2033 protagonist Artyom in the aftermath of that game’s conflict with the monstrous Dark Ones. These sneak peeks showed him infiltrating a meeting of the Nazi-ish Fourth Reich party, battling mutated beasties on the journey to another station, and recalling the awful day nuclear devastation struck in 2010. Intense stuff to be sure — and a decided contrast with our recent demo, which focused more on Last Light’s gameplay mechanics and small details."

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delboy1892d ago

If it's not locked 30fps on consoles then I'm not interested in it.

Ryder491892d ago

This preview occured almost a month ago...

Good job writing it up now.