Sony Looking To Make Ratchet, Jak And Sly Movie + More

Sony has announced a movie, whos is going to be in the movie?

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LackTrue4K1928d ago

And tv, cameras, laptops, and make a lot of movies.... Who dose not know this already?!?

sinncross1928d ago

I find it too bad that Sony has never bothered to convert the Ratchet series into a film series... action, humour, fun story... its all there just waiting fr their animation studio to perform.

sikbeta1928d ago

Should have done this back in the PS2 days, whith the PS2 being the beast it was, it could have helped to sell the movies by themselves

ABizzel11928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

They should have been and done this.

What better way to boost sales of these franchises that to get millions of kids to go see the movies, who will inevitably want the games.

It's a good way to sell games, and in the future sell Vitas, since parents seem to prefer buying handhelds over consoles for some reason.

Spawn a TV series after that.

wishingW3L1928d ago

Come on! You changed the tittle for one that doesn't even makes sense... How this even got past the approval process?

LackTrue4K1928d ago

Yep!!! Now almost all comments on here look to be off topic :/

BanBrother1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

Awesome. Heavenly Sword animated film? Hopefully to create buzz for number 2. Sony Santa Monica could do that game so much justice. Hopefully that is one of their un-announced projects.

I think that a movie featuring Sly, Jak and especially Ratchet in the one movie would be epic. Love it if it was a cinema release, as long as the producers didn't want it to be too 'child friendly', like a disney movie.

Edited spelling mistakes. Too excited when typing.

wenaldy1928d ago

Ever heard Sony Pictures? lol

majiebeast1928d ago

Sony pictures makes Community best show that isnt on tv now cause of Whitney.

DoctorNefarious1231928d ago

Sony Pictures also make 'Breaking Bad'. Can't wait for the final season.

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The story is too old to be commented.