The Beat Goes on: Dynamic Music in Spore

By now you may be familiar with Spore's unique method of generating content: Procedural content creation allows for players to dream up nearly any type of creature, and the game will figure out how to animate it and wrap textures around it on the fly. But what about the music? It may surprise you to learn that the music in Spore is also dynamically generated in real time.

The design team partnered with legendary ambient musician Brian Eno to give Spore a uniquely flavored soundtrack. The dynamic music is especially prominent while users are using the editors to create content -- since the game isn't running any simulations during that time, there's plenty of processing power available to create some funky beats.

Sound engineers Kent Jolly and Aaron McLeran walked attendees of the 2008 Game Developers Conference through the process they used to create the dynamic tunes. Much of their talk was fairly technical, but the process itself is fascinating.

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permutated3950d ago

Oh man, Brian Eno is amazing.

This game just got that much cooler.