David Cage: "Sequels kills creativity and innovation"

In a recent interview with Quantic Dreams David Cage, he says that too many sequels kills the creativity and innovation in games.

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Snookies121929d ago

That is... Kind of true. Considering fans will be mad if too much is changed in a sequel, yet people will still give it hell for not changing enough. In that regard, developers are forced to be confined into what the game "should" be, as defined by the series it's a part of.

showtimefolks1929d ago

Well sometimes the best games in the series are sequel to a earlier game

Mass effect 2
Uncharted 2
Gears of war 2 or 3

I am a huge David cage fan and I agree with him a lot of times but he needs to understand that setting up a new IP is hard. Once the new IP is out and successful why should a publisher let it die when with each game fan base will grow and so should the quality? Dragon dogma for example I can't wait for the sequel since the 1st game had some great ideas but could not implement them properly

After the release of beyond 2 souls(which I think will be later part of 2013 like after June) I see Sony vying QD studio and it's good for David cage since he likes Sony and they have provided him with freedom he needs to work on whatever he wants

nukeitall1929d ago

I'm a huge fan of sequels as that's pretty much what I have been buying for years. I enjoy the games I already am familiar with especially now that I no longer have as much time to hone skills or learn new games.

I think in some ways it is more creative to keep an existing franchise exciting, because you have all these constraints you have to overcome.

ABizzel11929d ago

I agree with both of you.

Sequels are worthwhile if there's more story to be told, or vast improvements between the first and second game. They also allow people to buy into a franchises they can pretty much guarantee will produce good games.

However, it's still more of the same (in most cases) no matter how much they try to hide it, which is why we need a good balance of both sequels for the safe buys, and new innovative titles to continue to push gaming forward.

rainslacker1929d ago

He's not saying that there should be no sequels. Just that innovation is lost when too many sequels are released.

Many games improve upon themselves with their first sequel, and sometimes their 2nd, but after that they tend to go downhill. That's usually after the original developers have moved on, and the sequel becomes more about marketing and "getting new players", than it is about what made the game great in the first place.

I think most people don't mind a sequel release so long as it's not constant, like COD. Even Naughty Dog moved onto their next thing, as 3 titles in one series over 5 years is quite a lot. All were great games, but I'm glad they're doing something different.

As far as Cage goes, his games don't really lend themselves to being sequels.

Bimkoblerutso1929d ago

^And that IS true. Not every game needs to be something completely new and innovative, and in my opinion a sequel can be just as good, if not better, than an original if they're done well enough.

Unfortunately developers and publishers have put a black mark on "sequels" because they often end up turning into derivative cash cows.

Outside_ofthe_Box1929d ago


I completely agree with you. Well said.

darthv721929d ago

sequels do not kill creativity. Remakes do.

At least with a sequel there is an effort to continue the story or perhaps start up a new chapter in a series.

when you start seeing more and more remakes and repackages of existing games is where the creativity has hit a wall.

MikeMyers1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

I really wish David Cage could just concentrate on making a good game without the needless arrogance. That's why I like people such as Tim Schafer. He just makes games without the constant barrage of "I'm the best, I create my own genre of games, the industry needs people like me".

I really don't care what Cage has to say. I will remain interested in Beyond no matter how much he wants to bash sequels and lack of originality out there. I let the games speak for themselves. I don't take stock in what people such as Cage, Kojima, Molyneux, Jaffe, Blezinski and Itagaki have to say. They all have their little followers who think they are God and that their words have deep meaning. They also get far more credit than they actually deserve because they have teams working on those games. It's not just one person making those games.

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Walker1929d ago

In terms of gameplay, creativity and innovation Beyond: Tow Souls looks an actual sequel for heavy rain . Only the characters have changed . IMO .

e-p-ayeaH1929d ago

The game doesnt seem all that diferent from Heavy Rain in terms of gameplay but as a whole diferent type of storyline.

I sure hope the story is actually better written this time around i dont want constant plot hopes and bad voice acting.

harrisk9541929d ago

How could you possibly know what Beyond is all about or how it plays. You can only tell so much from the media that has been released and according to what I read, we are only seeing a very small portion of the game and other areas look and play differently.

Until it is released and you have a chance to play it, it is unfair to say that this is a "sequel" to anything.

DigitalRaptor1929d ago

Not only characters - but story, engine technology, the dynamic of Aiden's gameplay mixed with Jodie's traditional 'Heavy Rain' style of play, and the variety in gameplay scenarios due to the story taking place over roughly 12 years of a girl's life.

nevin11929d ago

Is not all true. Back in the good old NES-PS2 days, developers always try to top the original when making sequels.

GTA 3 through San Andreas is a good example.

e-p-ayeaH1929d ago

GTA4 is a bad example xD

abzdine1929d ago

depends how they are made but in this generation of consoles sequels almost dont bring any addition.

sway_z1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

When a game has the (insert title here) 5, 6 or 7 after the title...Hello Ridge Racer & Tekken!

...or any other long in the tooth games you could care to mention really is time to move on :/


GTA Series ...GT Series noted!

Seraphemz1929d ago

Nintendo could learn from him..

How many Mario games can people take..

ShaunCameron1929d ago

Eh. Nintendo don't really need to learn from him.

Besides, how many rip-offs of existing/popular games can people take?

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