“It just became the thing that defined me”: Jake Solomon on making XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Things haven’t been the same for Jake Solomon since XCOM: Enemy Unknown was released last year, to generally positive feedback and some great critical acclaim. In this candid interview with Patrick Stafford, Jake discusses how it feels to spearhead a remake of a game so dear to your own heart, how working long hours affected him personally, and what to do once it’s all finished.

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DeforMAKulizer1987d ago

I absolutely love this game!

Knight_Crawler1987d ago

Have to agree and its my 3 favorite game this gen next to Heavy Rain and Lost Odessy.

This game is way underated and not getting the attention and love that it should be getting - its a shame that the publishers do not have MS market budget to let people know about this gem.

If you are a true gamer give this game a try - I promise that you will not regret it.

Perjoss1987d ago

Hard for me to decide between XCOM and ZombiU as my GOTY.

Blackdeath_6631987d ago

if xcom enemy unknown defines him, doesn't that make him a buggy person that keeps crashing?

BlackTar1871987d ago

I didn't have many crashes but i did come across 2 that were enemy player movement specific and then it would just freeze switching between aliens in their turn. Both were about the same spot with the aliens moving out of their ship. Was annoying especially on Hardcore mode.

Blackdeath_6631987d ago

yeah it seems that you encounter more buggs on hardcore than you do on normal my first play through was playable the second wasn't it got to a point where i gave up

Psychonaughty1986d ago

I agree, I really tried to enjoy the game but the camera made it unplayable.

kostchtchie_1987d ago

i will stick to the original, and terror from the deep, game looked good, shame the game play & length was not very good compared to the original

BlackTar1871987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

The gameplay was almost the same i still play Xcom orignal about once a year. Not so much Terror.

The only thing they missed was Aliens attacking your base and attacking alien bases.

The gameplay was great you are tripping and the length was decent. I could beat Xcom 1 on pc in about the same time as long as i did my research in the correct order. Maybe a little bit longer but not enough for me to say it was much longer.

Hasanhastam1987d ago

Deep,Nice,addictive gameplay i tried it twice and i plan to start once more