Black Ops 2: DLC Revolution Map, Tips & Tricks

The ladies and gentlemen at Treyarch have now released their full layout to their first Downloadable Content (DLC) for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. The latest DLC to hit Xbox's first on the 29th of January, has had some brand new additions never before attempted to the Call of Duty franchise. I believe these additions will be greeted with much applause as this new DLC seems irresistible to the Black Ops 2 multiplayer gamer.

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Choc_Salties1834d ago

A weapon that is SMG AND Assault rifle?? Might as well call it the six million dollar rifle-man-rifle!

DesVader1834d ago

I think that weapon is going to cause some ruckus in the BO2 community. Lets see...

DesVader1834d ago

Really nice and well detailed analysis of what is included in the pack and ideas on how to deal with it :)

HoldenZA1834d ago

Thanks Han and Bos, hope that the tips prove to be helpfull on the battlefield!!

@Choc yeah there might be a couple of hands thrown in the air because of the Peacemaker....quite ironic

DesVader1833d ago

Just keep them coming, HOldenZA. Tips are great. Thanks for making it easy for me and linking all your tips articles in this one - loved the one on the assault rifles.