Improve your gaming with modded controllers

This is a technology that no other Rapid Fire or Modded Controller manufacturer in the market can even compete with. The SPS technology allows the customer to set their "rate of fire" to any shots per second desired or required for different games and/or different weapons. The SPS™ series Rapid Fire Modded Controllers is absolutely, hands down, the last Rapid Fire Modded Controller you will ever need. If the game you are playing can benefit from a Rapid Fire Modded Controller, the SPS™ series will work better than any other Modded Controller in the market! When new games come out or patches are released, you don't have to purchase a new rapid fire Modded Controller - just change your shots per second for that game and you're done. Buy a Gamermodz Modded Controller for life - not for a specific game.

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Incipio1892d ago

This reeks of advertisement.

dazzrazz1892d ago

Gaming news website accepting video advertisement how to cheat in games... only on n4g

jeeves861892d ago

A. K. A. Cheat your war to a hollow victory.

Soldierone1892d ago

PSA You can and will get banned from games for cheating with these.

Another PSA, if you need these, you suck and need to find a new hobby.

globeofgamers1891d ago

You use them, or you don't. Its totally up to gamers.

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