8 reasons to own a PS Vita in 2013 – the best portable games this year

OPM: From Killzone Mercenary’s cash up front space wars to a new take on Bioshock these are the 8 games of 2013 that make a PS Vita worth owning.

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gijsbrecht2165d ago

I am really curious about Killzone Mercenary. It looks insanely good for a handheld and I keep hearing it has an actual campaign. Tearaway and Persona 4 are also must buys for me. I think we are going to have some great games in 2013 for the Vita.

hot4play2165d ago

Yes! Not to mention: Soul Sacrifice, Sly 4, DoA 5+ and FFX HD. Im really hoping for new killer game announcements early this year like a new MGS, Resident Evil, or Gran Turismo.

DEATHxTHExKIDx2165d ago

FFXHD isn't even confirmed for this year. SE flopped hard on that. It was way to early for them to announce that. KH1.5 got announced a few months ago now its coming to Japan in March.

hay2164d ago

But we can definitely hope for Ground Zeroes and Phantom Rain will use the Kojima's Transfarring.

Jaces2165d ago

I'm just waiting for a good Vita bundle, maybe something where it's a limited version of the Vita. Had one at launch and needless to say I wasn't as careful with it as I should have been and now I'm looking to buy another.

Honestly the vita is underrated, it's a spectacular addition to the handheld market, they just need to get those games out into the public's hands to show them just how awesome this machine is.

chestnut11222165d ago

Get to it as soon as possible ;_) Persona 4, MGS HD, Uncharted, Gravity Rush, Need for Speed etc. will make Your time worth it while waiting for new games to come around these 2013.,

Jaces2165d ago

I was able to play most of those before the incident. Gravity Rush was a fantastic game, truly beyond expectations and it had an intriguing story as well, can't wait for the second. Played some uncharted, while it was fun it was toned down quite a bit so it was like playing the first Uncharted, which isn't bad but it stinks after playing 2 and 3. lol!

tubers2164d ago

"I keep hearing it has an actual campaign."

OMG! Source please!?

I was afraid it was another Unit 13 (no story) or CoDBOD (subpar campaign) because of the "Mercenary" naming but please, if you can find any decent source, I'd be more than glad to gobble the info and hold on to it.

gijsbrecht2164d ago

The first time I read about it was on this twitter reply from

FragGen2164d ago (Edited 2164d ago )

Absolutely, I expect to focus heavily on building my Vita library next year (vs my PS3 or 360). I'm as excited for KZM and Tearaway as I am for just about any "big" PS3 or X360 games coming up, can't wait!

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chestnut11222165d ago

Now is the right time Sony should focus more on the Vita now that the PS3 is on their way to the top., All hail Sony.

BanBrother2164d ago

Definitely focus more on the VITA. This is the first list in ages that actually listed all super awesome looking games, and no shovel-ware filler.

Killzone Merc especially. Has the Bioshock game been confirmed? Holy crap if it has I will throw a party.

This year is looking to be a very strong year for the VITA. I can only imagine how the crowds would cheer if another excellent handheld God of war game was announced.

I think that it would be awesome if Ps3 players could vs VITA players in Mercernary online, but for obvious reasons it would not happen.

MizTv2164d ago

I remember at e3 a couple yeas ago they said bioshock for vita

Phil322164d ago (Edited 2164d ago )

"All hail Sony."

Do you seriously consider a soulless company like a king that you should bow down to? That is almost as pathetic as the guy who considers Nintendo his family.

The fanboyism on this site is amazing, and I don't mean that in a good way.

rpd1232164d ago (Edited 2164d ago )

Agreed. It's ridiculous.

Blues Cowboy2165d ago (Edited 2165d ago )

I bought a Vita at launch, and really enjoy its PSOne classics (and LBP, natch), but I'm not sure that those eight games are going to bother some of the massive 3DS games coming out this year. Fire Emblem, MH3U/4, Animal Crossing, Luigi's Mansion 2, Pokemon X/Y, Etrian Odyssey 6 etc. More to the point, I'm a bit worried that we barely know anything about KZ Mercenary and the BioShock game yet.

I'm not ragging on the Vita and I want it to do well, but I think that Sony really needs to step up the publicity surrounding incoming games and sign on some more killer exclusives. Plus, encouraging PSN devs to release simultaneously on PS3 and Vita would be great.

chestnut11222165d ago (Edited 2165d ago )

Soul Sacrifice alone is worth it., and we should wait until February for some big announcements.

Blues Cowboy2165d ago

I'll keep my fingers crossed. :) Got high hopes for the Vita, just feel it needs more support. With any luck 2013 will be a blinder.

remanutd552164d ago

Little Big Planet is the best and most importantly title on the vita as of today in my opinion, my most anticipated title is Sly Cooper Thieves in Time but i gotta say i'm really anticipating killzone Mercenary, Tearaway, Soul Sacrifice and warrior's Lair.

DigitalRaptor2165d ago

Why would OPM include BioShock Vita when they know full well that it's not even in development nor coming out in 2013? padding of course.

Good list otherwise though.

r212165d ago

Thats odd, P4G is already out O_O
Anyways, I cant wait to play all these games :D
First game I'll be getting this year is Sly Thieves In Times with that cross buy deal :)

Godchild10202165d ago (Edited 2165d ago )

Persona 4 is not out in Europe and the UK. That's why they listed the game as a 2013 title. I believe it comes out February.

The new price for Sly cooper makes it hard to pass up.

r212165d ago

Seriously, that long? I dont understand why the European folks have to wait longer than the US folks. Its the same case for Sly 4, its been delayed one month for the Euro folks :L

Not only price, its a great stealth platformer open world game too! :D

MasterCornholio2164d ago

Im dying to play this game and i hate the wait for us europeons. Oh well at least it wont be long until i get my hands on that game.

G20WLY2165d ago

P4G is not out in UK or Autralia yet. It comes out in February.

I'm looking forward to Sly too :)

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