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1UP MotorStorm Interview

Some new details about Motorstorm from 1UP interviewing Sony. Its a real good read. Enjoy!

1UP: When the game is 100% finished, how close do you think the visuals will be to that target video?

Pete Smith: I think we will be very close and in many places we'll surpass it. But to me it's about more than just the visuals the movie showed; it's the intensity of the action. You guys played the TGS demo so you know the action is already totally full-on. We're in the polishing and balancing phase now. This is always where the gameplay makes huge progress and that is definitely the case here. A game like MotorStorm with the variety of routes and vehicles needs this time to deliver an experience to match the visuals. The final game will definitely blow people away in terms of both visuals and gameplay.... (MotorStorm, PS3)

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specialguest  +   3003d ago
it's pretty interesting to know that they can and will still contintue to improve on the already beautiful looking MotorStorm Demo they had at TGS. the game that was presented at TGS was only 80% completed. now they're in the polishing/balancing phase which is where all the magic is suppose to happen.
specialguest  +   3003d ago
they've also stated that the TGS demo was slow due to the imcomplete demo. the actual finished game will have improved framerates and will be a whole lot faster and chaotic.
Antan  +   3003d ago
Already excited by this and after reading this and the recent preview in Edge, my expectations have risen that little bit more!............
Shadow Flare  +   3003d ago
fig. 1: 'people are stupid'
and everyone used to say that the final game will never look or play like the trailer. idiots

i wish i could go back to 2005 and show those people the final game
THELANDSOFSAND  +   3003d ago
they could use a good laugh!
TheMART  +   3003d ago
And who says it will actually? THe ingame footage I saw lately was still far off the CGI shown @ E3 2005!

THey can say it'll be close to or surpass in some parts of the game, that would be in the between ingame stuff, where CGI cutscenes are added to fill the BR disc?

Show me one movie, just one, where the footage is very, very close to the E3 2005 CGI. Look at it closely. Never did it came close to it man. Every Sony fan can go on lying to himself, but it's not. And believing a producer of the game itself on only their words is a no-no for me
Antan  +   3003d ago
As ive said before i recommend interested people buy the new Edge magazine which has a new 6 page preview, which comes across in an increadibly favourable manner. Edge of course is a multi-format publication so any possible comments about being bias towards one particular format can be shot down. One quote that sticks out is

"What is Motorstorm beyond a video at E3 2005 and a game that looks remarkably similar".

And now the developers are saying certain aspects of the visuals will be better than the E305 movies?
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Arkham  +   3001d ago
FCS... Look at HD feeds instead of those lowquality ones. If you look at the details you'll see the quality is pretty damn faithful to their target video. If you think this low-fi example to proves your point, you're way off base.
JIN KAZAMA  +   3003d ago
Dont you get tired of being such a hater, i mean, all that negativity inside of you must be eating you up inside. Let it go man, let the hate go.

Anyways, I cannot wait for this game, its looking better and better as we see more of it. I saw the list of games in the dev cycle during the TGS, and it had Motorstorm at 60%. This game will truly show the power of the PS3, and its only a launch title, which is just sick in the head. Imagine motorstorm 2! Definately will be picking this up during launch. I just dont know which one to get, the 600 version, or the 500 version, since that has HDMI on it now.
THELANDSOFSAND   3003d ago | Spam
THELANDSOFSAND  +   3002d ago
jin, you're an a$$hole!
TheXgamerLive  +   3003d ago
OK, here ya go.
Sony as a video game corporation sucks. Lies Lies Lies....that's it, I mean c'mon, where's the ps3 at?? In production yet?? NO. You'll all see it march 2007.

Games at release , a couple may be ok, but here's another thing, your first gen.releases on this console have been in the design process just as long as the XBOX 360'soriginal games were, MGS4 has been showing clips for over some 2+ years now, it's only that sony has sucked and delayed at providing dev.kits so CGI has continually been shown. So in a sence the ps3 games are already enjoying second year next gen.titles at launch and yet it still sucks so bad. Through MS and the XBOX 360's trial and error, sony should of learned and taken advantage of alot but did they?

Donkey Slayer  +   3003d ago
No amount of money in the world would be enough to buy enough clues
to help you out. Pathetic
lalaland  +   3003d ago
You are contradicting yourself...
As you say, devs haven't had final dev kits for more than 4-5 months max, and it is once they get final dev kits all the magic happens. Up until then it is all standard PC parts with the Cell processor, but part of the beauty of the PS3 is in how the RSX and Cell are connected. To utilize that devs NEED to have the final dev kits (or pretty close to final).

So it doesn't matter how long the game has been in design for, if the devs are unable to really push the limits of the technology. And that is why we've got something called first gen and second gen games.

Games for the X360 were designed long before they got final dev kits as well.

By the way, only a few times has there been shown CGI instead of realtime graphics on the PS3, and MGS4 ain't one of them. I will concede there have been somewhat of a downgrade to the MGS4 videos, but I would blame that on raising the res to 1080p, now having final dev kits and trying to shoehorn all the rest of the game in there as well.
JIN KAZAMA  +   3003d ago
This line
"I mean c'mon, where's the ps3 at?? In production yet?? NO. You'll all see it march 2007. "

Just proves how ignorant you are, and the rest of your comment isnt even worth reading.
TheXgamerLive  +   3003d ago
it's reality
Where is the ps3 at? Sony doesn't tell you it's officially in production yet, that's why I say this, no other reason, but yes, sony still sucks. They have alot to make up for to it's fans, you know inside you and all other fans are mad, very mad but you try to pretend it's all good.

Well it's not all good, it's infact bad and not even knowing if your actually going to get your console in 1 months time is bad. Not even pre orders are being taken, the few places that started to have them, cancelled them, withdrew them. So no, I don't care about sony, I'm not a sony fan but to see gamers follow blindly while being sort of crapped on, just isn't good.

so, it's reality to me and I guess just blind faith to you. Good Luck.
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lalaland  +   3003d ago
-> XGamer
Are you forgetting we've seen pre-production prototypes since E3, and more than 200 of them at this TGS?

Sony are ready for production... They've got the plants to deliver more than 1mill a month...

They have no obligation to tell YOU when they begin production or how it is going. All that matters is that they deliver.

No preorders is a strategic decision.
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Arkham  +   3001d ago
Pre-ordering has nothing to do with Sony, so it's not a strategic decision. Toys-R-Us is the only chain I've seen that took pre-orders, and those started in March and ended a long time ago. No one is taking pre-orders simply because they cannot guarantee a unit in a reasonable amount of time. With only 400K units available, it's going to be HELL finding one.
GaMa85  +   3003d ago
Sounds like some ones jealous
Dont worry xgamer im sure you will start seeing graphics like these next year on your 360, its ok, I feel for you.
TheXgamerLive  +   3003d ago
LOL, funny.
There's nothing concrete to be jealous of now is there. It's not hating, it's reality.

I hope all goes as promissed this november.
nambo  +   3003d ago
You Sony love monkeys keep your head buried so deep in Sony's lap that you can't see reality. You go on praising the PS3 when most likely none of you have even seen one first hand. Gee that video was AWESOME! PS3 RULES the 360! 360 SUCKS! What a bunch of dorks. While you pontificate on the PS3 and how great its games are, the 360 is out, playable and there are a lot of really good games available and more coming real soon. I saw the game GoW a couple of days ago and even had the opportunity to play it. Although I felt it still needed a few tweaks, it was a fun game and the graphics were beautiful. The lines between CGI and actual in game play were blurred. I've yet to see any PS3 game look better. On one hand all you see is videos and stills, and on the other you actually get to play the games. Who's the hater?
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NitrogenB  +   3003d ago
.....pontificate? c'mon dude, don't try to sound smart. Just use words like "butt-head" and "stupid-face" next time, that way everybody can understand you....and sorry, I didn't see Gears of War anywhere in the title of this article.
Arkham  +   3001d ago
Nambo, try to remember the exact same fan enthusiasm among 360 fans last year. Same crap, different platform. There's ZERO difference between fans. Please try to get over yourself.
GaMa85  +   3003d ago
Stop complaing man
Its a freaking console, every console has bad rep before it comes out. 5-6 years down the road it will be in your closet collecting dust. If you dont like sony why post about them, go do something else with your life instead of obessing over something you hate!
UndergroundMan  +   3003d ago
Some of you need to Relax
because it is obvious that you're getting carried over by this Lies, Lies. Xgamer what a way to show that you're a complete human without a brain. Hey LanofSand what about that for a laugh.anyway

Jin i see you there talking how you gonna be pushing dirt in game. I hope to see you online cause i'll be fist, another thing you must like Tekken, i hope Namco goes online with the new one, i'd love to fight you since Jin used to be my favorite character. and this goes out to all of you buying the PS3. I'll take ya'll on anyday. right now i'm about to buy MK:A, New Soccom, Shadow of the Colossus, Okami, God Hand and GoWII. Got a few games to finish before i buy those. Right now i'm playing Clock Tower 3. After that i'll take down Shadow of Rome. I'm here to talk about games as you all can see, share some ideas, i'm not here to deny the truth when it's in my face. One of mygriend got a friend working in a Sony store, he'll try to get us a PS3 at launch, i hope he does, if not december i'm taking to the streets looking for that baby. RFOM looks indredible, but i never played FPS, exept for a few that were super easy: Swat 4, Call of Duty.
TheXgamerLive  +   3003d ago
What sony stores?
I didn't know that sony had stores.
lalaland  +   3003d ago
They sure do!
Among others they've got a nice one on 5th Av in New York (if my memory serves me) and the one at Potzdammer Platz in Berlin isn't to shabby either.
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GaMa85  +   3003d ago
Didnt know
You where such a douche bag...
power of Green  +   3003d ago
So # 5.2
What you're saying is Gow, Halo 3 and a few other 360 AAA's are first gen games because the devs worked on them before they had the final Dev kits not to mention the first time the devs worked on the hardware. I agree with you're comment on that subject, the fact is that Gow Halo3 and others are in fact 1st gen games that just took longer to make because MS let some average games release with the early launch. It's what i'v been saying all along. It confuses the fanboys and this is the reason MS will surprize nay-sayers. I think PS3 will never pass the 360 in graphics. This is why the MS dude thinks 360 will always have better looking 1st party MS pushed tittles. Gow, Halo3, Mass effect, Too Human LP, and others where not developed in just one year so "Technically" those games i listed above are in reality 1st generation games that just took longer to develope and landed in the 2nd generation window, only if MS did not launch eary the flame wars put out.
lalaland  +   3003d ago
Nope... you misunderstood me...
It is basically the time with final dev kits that decides wether it's a first gen or second gen game.

The first wave of games, the ones where the devs have had final dev kits for 3 - 10 months, those are first gen games. The second wave, those where the devs have had final dev kits for 10 or more months, those are second gen games.

It has always been like that in every console generation. The devs need to get to know the hardware, before they can push it. And they only really get to grips with it, once they've got final hardware.

The GoW devs have had final dev kits for more than a year now, which constitutes it as a second gen game. Once Halo 3 is complete, they will have worked on final dev kits for almost 2 years.

That is why it is, game-engine wise, fair to compare the first wave of games on the X360 with the first wave of titles for PS3. That is why you can compare RR6 with RR7, Full Auto with Full Auto 2, Blazing Angelz on each console. And that is why the performance difference on a game like Virtua Tennis 3 is even more stunning.

To be fair, for the launch games, PS3 devs have had final dev kits for about two months longer than they did on X360, but again, a title like Full Auto was released three months after launch of the X360.

The art people are actually very tied to what the game-engine people can do, but obviously for a game like Full Auto 2, they have already done a lot of the basic work for the X360-version, giving them more time to do art-stuff on the PS3. But again, that has nothing to do with the technical side of things.

And in my oppinion, the PS3 has already passed the X360 graphics wise (and I do own a X360). The art-direction of GoW and Bioshock is amazing, but I don't get what all the fuzz is about with Mass Effect or Too Human. My point is, GoW and Bioshock are more artistic beautiful (you know, the camera movement of GoW, the way they splatter blood on the screen, the way they keep the environments detailed by limiting the viewdistance and so forth), than technically advanced (big immersive worlds of Lair with realtime calculated waves etc.). First gen titles for PS3 are already doing 1080p while not one single X360 title has been announced for that res (and they are pushing second gen titles).

Just for the record, I do believe GoW is one of the most stunning looking titles on next gen consoles right now. But I believe it is more through conscious artistic choices by the developer, than because of pure hardware performance.
dantesparda  +   3000d ago
People! learn and stop being so damn stupid! 1st Generation and 2nd Generation is determined by which wave of games it is, from a company. So like say for example a company has like 4 or 5 games coming out within the 1st year and those games are being made by like 4 or 5 different development groups, then that is their 1st generation. Now when those development groups start to make their 2nd games then they are entering their 2nd generation, but its not as cut and dried as that. Because usually what happens is that during the development of the developers first game, they learn alot about the console, but alot of what they learn cant be incorporated into the game becuase its to late in the games development cycle to implement them into the game. So instead they save it for the next game. Hence the term 2nd gen. & also they tend to use better tools and programs too! and the SDKs are usually better/more finalized by then. But a company's second game, or even its second wave of games isnt necessarily its second generation.
Now you can have a company make a game a year or two after the system came out and still have it be considered 2nd or even 3rd or 4th gen, because that company could have access to alot of the new found developments on the system, and alot of the new tools and libraries and things like that. So give it a rest people cuz its obvious that most of you's do not know what you's are talking about! All the PS3 games are 1st gen. Period! and alot of the 360 games are starting to enter their 2nd generation
Antan  +   3003d ago
Isn`t it amazing how another ps3 preview has been completely ruined by complete fanboyism on both sides. Ive seen more mature comments from 4 year olds! 1st wave this, 2nd gen that!! Accept this: Launch titles on PS3 are 1st gen games, end of story. Whereas 360 is now approaching 2nd gen. Tell me this, If a game takes 4 years to make, started production a year before a machine came to market, is that classed as a 1st gen game? Stop talking rubbish and do something constructive with your time on here. Ive never read such a large amount of unfounded praise you lot give for things before you have even seen the game running!!! facts this facts that!! bollox, you lot have far too much time on your hands! So like i say, another positive preview ruined. Thanks to the moderators for continually putting up with this kind of behaviour, this site is spiraling towards oblivion im afraid.
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Say's you  +   3003d ago
Thats a bunch of horse piss! and horse sh1t?! how can the 360 games have long be designed? before they had the final dev kits thats impossible that would mean they weren't in the first place long desigend after the final dev kits what kind of crap are you trying to pull lalaland? that means the 360 games would be still on the PC monitor and the game designers would be waiting and sitting there untill the final dev kits for the 360 to arrive and then the games would be final.
Say's you  +   3003d ago
And further more power of green II your full of it! saying " I think PS3 will never pass the 360 in graphics. This is why the MS dude thinks 360 will always have better looking 1st party MS" yeah right incase that you didn't know Gears of War isn't using 360 graphics card only Epics Unreal Engine 3 is making those graphics happen don't belive me go to IGN and find out why they call Gears of War Project Unreal Engine 3.
nambo  +   3003d ago
What ar yout talking about?
Not using the 360 graphics card? What are you smoking? The Unreal Engine is software that runs on the 360 hardware. From what I hear the 360 GPU is superior to the PS3's. That's why the new Nvidia G80 cards will use the unified architecture like the 360's. That being said, I think both the PS3 and 360 will produce great graphics this generation. Let's hope they don't spend all their time on graphics and forget game play.
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UrbanJabroni  +   3003d ago
Are you back?
Seriously, you've been spamming that same concept forever. It makes NO sense...please try and learn what a game _engine_ is before you post. Unreal 3, the ENGINE, will also make some great looking PS3 games.

Arkham  +   3001d ago
More Nambosense. The new G80s are probably using unified memory because they're on an entirely different platform. They're not custom designed to the PS's architecture. That doesn't mean either concept is flawed, it's just a matter of the right approach for the right hardware. Next time wait a few minutes before posting. It helps to calm one down.
unleash bass  +   3003d ago
Yawn, Yawn, Yawn, This flaming is getting sooo boring now...
Stone Cold SA  +   3003d ago
A great victory for Sony!
This is brilliant news for Sony with the graphics we saw last time and now it's geting polished even more, i think this game is gonna be stunning looking and judging from all the 360 fan boys they just can't handle it, because it's obvious this game rocks, A+ game as many different reviewers are stating, so the MS fanboys are jealous it took them like 6 months to have 1 good game and we get a killer app at launch, wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo o, suck on that Ms fanboys!
Gamer13  +   3003d ago
The graphics look next gen.
And gameplay looks solid, it is coming close to the 2005 E3 trailer.

bilal  +   3003d ago
kinda get tired...
of reading bulsh*t from TheMart, The power of green II on every ps3 article...
all that comes out of their mouth is horse sh*t....
kewlkat007  +   3003d ago
LALAland-"Just for the record, I do believe GoW is one of the most stunning looking titles on next gen consoles right now. But I believe it is more through conscious artistic choices by the developer, than because of pure hardware performance."

So do we agree, on either console the games that look great because the developers took the time and tapped what the hardware has to offer?

So this sonyfanboy must be saying that the PS3's games look way better, because of not what the developers put into it, but soley because of the the PS3's hardware alone.

While this game looks good I doubt it will be a great title. I've played off-road games before and this brings nothing new besides the graphics. Seems like wherever they thrown the word "next-gen" around there is always talk about a games graphics, as if thats the most important single element in "next-gen" gaming.

As we all know Yes, some games will look great because they have been ain development for a long time. The more money developers have, the more time they are willing to dedicate large teams to making a decent game looked polished. Ofcourse it won't be like that for all games. Developing Great games take time, and time is money. Money small firms don't have.

For all the sonyfanboys on this article stop the whining and the hypocrisy.
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D3acon  +   2999d ago
I believe he was talking about the artistic approach, design, or the look of the game. The way the buildings are designed and the fact the atmosphere is like a once great and beautiful world now destroyed.
THE TRUTH  +   3003d ago
looks great
I too am tired of the same fanboy talk on every post! This game has nothing to do with the 360 but yet we have to compare graphics! The graphics look great, but I'm much more interested in how it plays and so far I have been impressed!

No need to compare this game to any on 360 because the 360 doesn't even have a offroad racer!

I'm not surprised that some "gamers" say its not at the level of that E3 05 video. To that I would have to say who cares, seriously the game looks great and I see NO NEED to compare it to the target video! If the game is looking great and plays great why should it matter if it outshines that video? Just be happy the developers are giving gamers a game that is full of innovation and new experiences from day 1!

A real breathe of fresh air to the racing genre, the racers have become more of the same with some better graphics lately and I'm happy as a gamer that these developers have been thinking and working outside the box to deliver exactly what NEXT GEN needs which is new experiences that weren't possible on last gen hardware!

I'm excited about this game, and so should anyother gamer because successful innovation is contageous and I hope other developers take note and surpase what these developers have done so well!

Here's to less fanboy arguing and more constructive, honest, and respectful gamer talk
kewlkat007  +   3003d ago
Good points "truth"
What's so "next-gen" about this game though? Plz don't say graphics; I mean thats expected with a brand new powerful console. Even if were talking about racing games what's so "next-gen" about GTHD?

There is more racing games coming out and I believe this is the first off-road for any next-gen system. If you look at all the games I really don't see much thats changed. The big difference may be with the Online capabilities, and back to graphics ofcourse.

I wish they would bring "WAVE RACE 64" back on any console, now that was a fun gameplay. I smashed all records.
D3acon  +   2999d ago
why continue. If you don't see next gen then enjoy your 360, I see it. And that's really the point. I didn't see next generation when the 360 came out, so that's why I'm buying a ps3.

What I see in this game is things that are not possible on previous consoles. The amount of particles and physics alone is testiment to the next generation in gaming. There game even uses next generation controls with the tilt function.

Some of the innvoation comes from, unlike other off road racers, a mix of different vehicles racing. Light, Medium, and heavy that have there own special routes which adds a bit of strategy unlike most of the games of the same type. The game looks close enough to there target video for me.

The only gripe I have see so far is the lack of first person gameplay. Third person is good, but the realism is in the first person.

"I hate fanboys"
NitrogenB  +   3003d ago
personally, I think the game looks off the chain, very close to the CG last year. They said they were only 80% done at TGS, and have completed much more of the game since then.
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Deceased  +   3003d ago
PS3 info vs 360
Post deleted by mod (Please discuss Motorstorm and NOT PS3 vs 360....)
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lalaland  +   3003d ago
My replies...
-> Horse Piss:
What are you rambling about? Dificult to understand your point. Just for clarity I would like to point out that devs get all different kind of development kits before the launch of a console. The earliest are basic PCs with a standard graphic card capable of delivering roughly the expected performance of the final console graphic chips. The closer it gets to launch, the more final dev kits are available to the developers.

Developers start to design and code their game and technologies as soon as they receive their first dev kit -- sometimes even before that (like afaik in the case of Heavenly Sword). But is only when they receive final dev kits, that they can optimize and test out the performance on final hardware. Most of the time the final hardware is radically different from the first development kits (maybe with the exception of the Wii which in design is very similar to the Gamecube).

Obviously developers need the final dev kits to be able to finish their games and in the end release them.

And just to make sure you understand, developers got FINAL dev kits for X360 in august 2005 three months before launch. And final dev kits for PS3 sometime between may and july 2006 (depending on which dev you listen to).

The other point you make, is that GoW uses the Unreal Engine. Yep, you are right. But then you state it doesn't use the "360 graphics card" which is a silly statement. Ofcourse it uses the X360 graphics chip, otherwise nothing would be on screen. I believe you should read up on the subject before you comment any further.


-> Kewlkat007

We agree that GoW is a gorgeous looking game. I'm just saying that I don't see anything about which couldn't be done on the PS3. I believe, and I think we disagree here, that if that game was done on the PS3 by the same people, it would look even more stunning.

And I find it kind of telling that the devs actually use GoW as a sort of preproduction experiment for the Unreal game for PS3 although the devs were a bit vague on that.

And the fact that Virtua Tennis 3 is superior on the PS3 even though they have had less time with the final PS3 dev kits, further strengthens my belief that the PS3 is capable of a bit more than the X360.

Ofcourse the X360 has its strongsuits, but overall I get more and more convinced of the power of PS3 for each new preview of a game we are shown.

You also state that Motorstorm doesn't bring anything new to the table. I disagree. Ofcourse the premise for off-road games is kinda limiting: You drive a car round a dirt track. But the physics, the combination of vehicles, the different road surfaces, deformable terrain, the multiple tracks and shortcuts on the course, the AI and the taunts are all features, combined with the stunning graphics, that I believe makes this a fresh experience. And wouldn't be possible as a whole on previous gen consoles.

You may disagree, and I am fine with that.


-> HairyPalm
I haven't read that issue of Edge yet, but the statements are easily explainable.

"the PS3 has less memory" -- No, but the X360 has one large bank of memory, while the PS3 has it split up in two. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. But when developing for a single memory bank and then porting it to a split memory bank, the developers need to change their approach. This coupled with the fact that they obviously haven't gotten final dev kits for more than a couple of months, makes it believable that their games run into memory constraints.

"...and that the console may even be less able than Microsoft's" -- that is actually a bit of a simplified way of putting it. They have developed their game to one of X360's strengths (the single memory bank). If they did the same for the PS3 (like using the SPU's for heavy vector transformation) and making a straight port, would make the X360 seem very underpowered. That is why devs should assign a different team to each console...
##? (Edited 3003d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
kewlkat007  +   3003d ago
yeah Yeah yeah
"We agree that GoW is a gorgeous looking game. I'm just saying that I don't see anything about which couldn't be done on the PS3. I believe, and I think we disagree here, that if that game was done on the PS3 by the same people, it would look even more stunning."

Well I'm not sure about that. I guess the only times you should comepare graphics, is when there are games that are for both consoles, which have been in development for the same amount of time.

Only time will tell when these types of games do come out. Squaring one developer against the other is just fluff because of time, money, team constraints.

For now the "PS3" specs on paper looks great, which is the only reason why fans can speculate.

You say about Motorstorm: "You drive a car round a dirt track. But the physics, the combination of vehicles, the different road surfaces, deformable terrain, the multiple tracks and shortcuts on the course, the AI and the taunts are all features, combined with the stunning graphics, that I believe makes this a fresh experience."

Ofcourse I disagree, for

1. Having shortcuts in a racing game is nothing new. sanfrancisco rush had mad shortcuts as well as other racing games. Plus What racing game doesn't have multiple tracks?

2. While the physics of this generation of games is bound to get better. I think Waverace 64 had a very good simulation of water,waves and waterbikes for its time.

3. Adding taunting to video games is nothing new. You can taunt in fighting games and so on. Giving the middle finger while your racing is nothing new here. Now if you could really make up your own taunts then that would be awesome. (Imagine mooning someone near the finish line.")

4. Give me a new WAVERACE 64, and another kick-ass ROADRASH game on next-gen now thats more fun.

So that leaves us with Motorstorm's graphics which looks great by the way. The gameplay should be were it's at, and neither of us know the answer to that question.
lalaland  +   3003d ago
"I guess the only times you should comepare graphics, is when there are games that are for both consoles, which have been in development for the same amount of time."

Well, only one out there, with equal delelopment time, almost same time with final dev kits and a special team assigned to each version (so each team can utilize their console to its strengths), I know of is Virtua Tennis 3, which is in 1080p on the PS3 with clearer textures according to game journalists.

Regarding your four points and Motorstorm, you seem to forget the improved AI and deformable terrain. And forget that the point with the different ways around the track isn't just for the alternative, but because of their different surfaces the different vehicles will be better suited for certain routes, making the choice rather more strategic than normal. The AI ofcourse improves on this, since they will try and force you onto a route that your vehicle isn't suited for. And the taunts are not just cosmetic, as depending on how you've been driving and provoking other drivers, because of the AI, they might be out to get you and not another random driver.

I don't know of any other game featuring that. Or the combination of the before mentioned features. Do you?

And ofcourse Waverace 64 had good physics for its time, but not compared to Motorstorm. It is leagues beyond what was going on in Waverace 64 for obvious reasons. Just because Waverace 64 had some kind of physics, doesn't make the way they are implemented in Motorstorm less incredible. I have never seen drivers being thrown onto a billboard after being rammed by truck, like in a Hollywood movie, ingame before.


-> Pwower of Green II (#25)

Don't be silly. As most games this gen takes several years to develop from designphase to finished product, that would mean all games the coming years are first gen. Even MGS4 would be first gen. And what about the unanounced titles that started development years back, are they first gen as well?

You are completely disregarding what experience the developers have with the consoles, and only going by when the game is announced.

If that is the definition, why do we keep seeing second and third gen games improve in quality on all platforms? And how come GoW, Lost Planet, Mass Effect and Bioshock all look so much better than any game already out for the X360? Obviously it's because they are second gen games...

And regarding "Grand Raid Offroad", so far I've seen nothing but shiny cars on dirt tracks (how is that possible?). And to me that game so far seems to show even less innovation. But that is my opinion -- you are entitled to yours.


I'm out of bubbles... Have fun!
##? (Edited 3003d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
D3acon  +   2999d ago
Uh I think that was his point
Kewlkat, he was saying that the formula for these types of games are the same. Lots of racing and dirt. I don't see how you can disagree with that.

I think he meant "multiple routes" over "multiple tracks." Of course there is multiple tracks. Just thought I'd point that out becuase you missed his meaning.
power of Green  +   3003d ago
#11.1 & #12
Wrong! Those games i mentioned have been on sites sence 360's launch. And the fact of the matters is they are truly 1st gen games that are taking longer to develope. Period!. #12 don't be ridiculous.
NitrogenB  +   3002d ago
you can't seriously consider a game to be first gen when it's going to be released a YEAR AFTER a consoles release....quit grasping for straws....GoW and Lost Planet looks amazing, but they are not 1st gen xbox 360 games....just like Grand Raid Offroad isn't, and it still won't play or look as good as Motorstorm.
kingboy  +   3003d ago
39 euros for this?
Great game and i think i read some where it`s priced at 39Euros
power of Green  +   3003d ago
Grand raid offroad will be just as good if not better when the devs continue to work on the game. Hows that for posting on every PS3 artical. Bunch of BS, posting on every PS3 thread.
Dante1  +   3003d ago
You know!
I don't understand why anybody replies to you, because just about every article about the PS3 i have came across i seem to see a smart comment from you which has no logic, no real point, just complete garbage, i'm suprised you haven't lost a bubble or two yet with stupid comments like the ones you have been giving, now you are clearely a Ms fanboy, so go over to the MS threads, i love Playstation because it has better games, but i also like the Xbox as well because it has great games, but don't come in here and spread your hatred; and jealousy that this game is not comming to the 360.
power of Green  +   3003d ago
I'v been playing games like Motostorm and Grand Raid Offroad, sence OffRoad on NES. Just wasting my bubbles.
power of Green  +   3003d ago
Deep in the wildest outback the best rally pilots compete on some of the most beautiful and longest tracks of the world. Races are dangerous; arriving in one piece at the end of a stage is already a victory…

Choose from 30 vehicles. The one that you consider to suit best to conquer the vast wilderness and attention, with Gran Raid Offroad you will definitely be facing vastness http://xboxmovies.teamxbox.... http://xboxmovies.teamxbox.... http://screenshots.teamxbox... http://screenshots.teamxbox... these pics and vids are so old it's not even funny. How that for spaming PS3 articals might as well do it if you fans make BS about me.
Dante1  +   3003d ago
Please do carry on!
So that way we can all spam you and your speech bubbles will go down to zero it's only a matter of time.
THE TRUTH  +   3003d ago
its a fact
That some of the same gamers who are critizing this game and nit picking it to death, do not have the same level of critizism when it comes to games on their consoles!

I think this game is huge, it has great graphics, a fresh amount of innovative gameplay, and its only a launch title!

I think these developers have done a great job with this game and I'm excited to see the game in its final form.

My point is that these same gamers who critize this game to an outrageous and overly biased extent also need to give the EXACT same level of critizism to all games. How can your point be taken as anything less than fanboy talk if you say "this" game sucks but a game with less on a console your supporting is called a "great" game?

Comments like "this game doesn't compare to the E3 05 video" support this, because your just trying to squeeze a lemon! Who cares if the game isn't the E3 video as long as the game is fun? I don't want to play the E3 video I want to play motorstorm and I'm not going to play this game and look back and say but this game isn't the same as the video!

Comments like that imply this is CGI is just another ignorant point, because it obviously isn't!

Say what you will, but at least give an honest opinion about THIS game in its CURRENT state!!
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