Top 5 Games of 2012

VGS: '2012 has been a mixed year for gaming. While it saw the release of some great games, as well as an entire new console, a lot of games got pushed to 2013, and it also becomes clear we’re approaching the end of a generation. Many of the big releases were sequels, not many new franchises. But, there still was a lot of fun to be had. Here is the top 5 games I enjoyed the most'.

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Kran2019d ago

I found New Super Mario Bros. U to make me rage. a lot. I died too much.

I am sad to admit this :/

Nyxus2019d ago

I actually didn't find it that difficult, I remember having more trouble with the Wii installment. That said, I haven't done the extra levels yet you unlock after beating the game.

deafdani2018d ago

Lol, no way, Mario Bros U is much, much harder than the Wii one. It's not even comparable.

How much experience do you have playing Mario? Was the Wii version your first one? Don't get defensive, I'm asking out of genuine curiosity.

TongkatAli2019d ago

It's a hard game don't blame you

Nyxus2018d ago

@ deafdani: I have been playing Mario since Super Mario 64, and played the SNES and NES games on GBA. So I probably played all the main platformers. So no, the Wii version certainly wasn't my first one. But I just remember having more difficulty with it. For example, the last world in the Wii U game, I walked through it with little difficulty.

It could be me, of course. Not saying it's some absolute truth, just how I experienced it.

deafdani2018d ago

Fair enough. I just find it weird, because I've definitely found the Wii U version to be much, much more challenging than the Wii one.

Oh, well.