Sony Japan mysterious new game decoded - It's When Vikings Attack!

Today Sony Japan launched a wacky and equally interesting teaser site with the name poipoi. The site features a burly man wearing a red shirt holding various items like a strongman above his head. Meanwhile cartoonish rockets hurl passed him in the background.

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TooTall191988d ago

What the heck is this? The game already exists and I have it on my Vita.

Shanks1988d ago

looks like a smartphone game.

G20WLY1988d ago

That's a bit harsh! It's actually quite good in the looks departments when you see it in motion, especially for such a cheap game :)

It's also good fun and it's cross buy, so you get it free on Vita if you buy PS3 version (or vice versa)

3-4-51988d ago

it's's like 1 mini game within fusion frenzy...but only 1 game instead of 50..

It's like if you played mario party but it only had 1 mini game and that game got old after 5 minutes.