Why Only One Xbox 360 Exclusive vs Five PS3 Exclusive in 2013?

Microsoft might be of the opinion that an exclusivity deal with Activision and Rockstar Games for timed exclusive DLC content for next CoD and GTA V is enough to carry on the weight of Xbox 360 throughout 2013 and will make-up for lack of exclusive games for their home console.

This make shift arrangement looks perfect but only on papers and in imagination, no doubt gamers play CoD like anything, and keep Xbox Live active in high demand, however depending solely on third party games to keep Xbox 360 going in 2013 isn't a smart move.

A warning bell has already started for Microsoft as according to report (January 10, 2013) from International Data Corporation (IDC), lifetime sales figure of PS3 has surpassed Xbox 360.

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dedicatedtogamers1989d ago

Sounds like an excuse to me.

However, people shouldn't count out the numerous XBLA games available each year. Yeah, yeah, they're not big-box, AAA, $60 "exclusive" retail releases, but a lot of downloadable games (whether on PC, PS3, or 360) have more gameplay value than most of the $60 retail releases these days.

JoySticksFTW1989d ago

Some people are going to say MS is saving exclusives for the next console, but that's not it.

MS has found this generation that they can do more with less. Between timed exclusives / dlc and a few of their exclusives being ultra insane sellers, MS seems to think that they don't need to invest in as many first / second party studios as their competition do to keep their core gamers happy.

We've even seen journalists repeatedly state that Sony should cut back their exclusives and focus on advertising (for less investment and larger gains), than put up significantly more money to develop numerous exclusive titles that don't sell like Halo.

While some may argue this makes sound business sense, it sounds vile to me and goes against every fiber of my gamer being.

Only in this crazy new age of gaming is more quality exclusives considered a bad thing.

And I'm not bashing the 360 console, which I own. But any 360 owner has to admit that the quantity and quality of exclusive titles for the core gamer now (and for the next console) compared to the first half of this generation is worrisome with MS' continued push towards Kinect and timed exclusives / dlc vs actual exclusives.

I got my 360 for Dead Rising, Crackdown, GeOW, Mass Effect, and the Mistwalker games. DR and ME went multi-plat, CD 2 sucked, what the heck happened to MW, and only GeOW maintained it's quality. I feel the earlier titles in those series were the best ones.

NeverEnding19891989d ago

I'm looking more at the 13 untitled, currently in development games from Microsoft's first party studios.

Are these games coming in 2013? Are they hardcore or Kinect? Are they for the 720? We don't know.

Either way 2013 is looking to be a great year for Xbox 360 owners.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

I didn't hear this in 2012 nor see any articles like this lol. People were surly thirsty for 2013. Is the console wars still being fought, if so, then you folks are sad...

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Skips1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )


"Either way 2013 is looking to be a great year for Xbox 360 owners."

If you are talking about multiplats then yes. Exclusives? Hardly.


"PS3 fanboys were saying this at the end of 2011 yet in 2012 Sony had weaker offerings"

Difference is, compared to Xbox 360's 2013. PS3 had more than ONE exclusive for 2012.

TheGamerDood1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

It would have been more appropriate to raise this issue two and half years back but now. I feel for xbox users they deserved a lot more than GOW and Halo DLC.

DOMination-1989d ago

MS 21 first party studios working on next gen.

Sony 12 first party studios.

Im on phone so can't really link but its true. Lets reassess this situation in 2-3 years. I think people around here will be surprised.

darthv721989d ago

here is that there are plenty of "exclusive" games for each platform that are coming out. How they are received is another issue. Quality and appeal are the deciding factors of a game getting purchased or just sitting there.

We know that not ALL games appeal the same and as such the quality of those games is criticized differently. Some have a simplistic nature that may not appeal to a certain type of gamer but that does not change the fact that if the game is exclusive it should be omitted from a list of exclusive games to be released.

Lets be fair about this.

aquamala1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

the fanboys always only want to talk about the exclusives, but look at the games in 2012, Far Cry 3, Borderlands 2, Dishonored, AC3, etc etc. there's enough quality multi plat games to keep most console owners busy. 5 exclusives in 2013 really aren't that many compared to the number of multi plat games people want to play.

Enemy1989d ago

Next gen? What, are 343i going to develop all their games?

SilentNegotiator1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )


Oh please. Don't pretend like 2012 was typical. They're clearly preparing their resources for the next gen. Any other year, you have unmissable exclusives.

starchild1989d ago

Microsoft do need to get serious on the exclusives front. If they don't step up there game in that regard then I won't be getting the next Xbox.

kupomogli1989d ago


Sorry, but "almost" every good XBLA title comes out on either PC and sometimes PS3 as well. Even if it doesn't come out on PS3, the fact that it's on PC means it's not exclusive.

There are also "some" downloadable games that have better value than "some" retail releases. However, you get what you pay for and a lot of these digital games are just pure ass. That's why some of these games don't make their way to Steam because they're submitted and they're declined by Steam as something that doesn't seem like it would sell, meaning they probably thought it wasn't any good. Microsoft will let anything on their XBLA as long as you pay the fees.

EVILDEAD3601989d ago

Going into year 8 the 360 is the oldest console this gen and is still finishing extremely strong headed into E3.

Microsoft just released its most expensive title Xbox history in less than 2 months ago alongside a few other exclusives this holiday and it paid off huge.

Halo 4 is the fastest selling Halo ever and like every other Halo will chart in 2013. the 360 itself had another dominating Dec NPD and quarter.

At this point, We see what happens every year with articles like these. They pretend that MS somehow has to compete against Sony game speculation.

When we saw what happened last year, when there were sites declaring all Last of Us and games like Last Guardian were coming in 2012.

So at the end of the day, you basically have The God of War prequel vs. the Gears of War prequel in March.

And although Naughty is blesses us with 'Last' in May, MS isn't stupid enough to release an exclusive at the same time becuase Grand Theft Auto 5 will be dropping in May as well. (see Alan Wake vs. Red Dead for reference)

The rest of the supposed games are all coming after E3 and we all know this is an huge E3 for MS if it's going to be launching the 720.

The rest of the first half of 2013 is dominated by huge high profile multis many of which MS has been pushing hard like Tomb Raided, Metal Gear, and Bioshock: Infinite.

Again at the end of the console gen there is nothing to prove and I guarantee Sony will be just as careful next year when they are in the same position MS is in.


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LackTrue4K1989d ago

Sounds like they will announce the next system in some months, there just saving amo

evilunklebud1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

Over at MetaC the users voted 14 of the top 20 games multi plats (8 of the top 10) for 2012.... maybe exclusives are not as important as they were 5 years ago?

kneon1989d ago

That may be true, but perhaps multi-platform games get more votes because they are played by more people on more platforms. If someone games exclusively on one or two platforms they aren't going to vote on an platform exclusive on a platform they don't use.

So really the votes don't tell the whole story.

evilunklebud1989d ago

The scores are aggregated, so I'm not sure what your point is..... As far as "being played by more people on more platforms" that is kind of my point.

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fermcr1989d ago

"Why Only One Xbox 360 Exclusive vs Five PS3 Exclusive in 2013?"

This console generation is ending, and next gen is arriving... most likely in 2013.

As for exclusives, i prefer quality then quantity. If you take a look at PS3 exclusives in 2012, they were all average or below average. I personally didn't purchase any PS3 exclusive in 2012.... but i have to admit this year it looks much better for the PS3. Probably purchase 3 or 4 PS3 exclusives this year.

DOMination-1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

Starhawk was really good actually but certainly Twisted Metal, PSASBR and LBP Karting were all only average to decent

GrandMaxPain1989d ago

no it doesnt mean next gen at all. It only means that Microsoft cares about quality and sony about quantity.

ItsTrue1989d ago

Not necessarily. There is a possibility that Sony is pumping out many quality exclusives while Microsoft could be releasing a few 'not-so-good' games.
Remember though, it's a 'could' not 'are'.

MoonWheel1989d ago

I'm sorry, but releasing only sequels and prequels to shooter franchises doesn't sound like much quality. How is Sony releasing around 5 games about quantity? Sony at least releases new ip unlike Microsoft.

rainslacker1989d ago

Almost every PS1 1st party title is quality.

showtimefolks1989d ago

my hope is they are saving for next gen but my concern is they think they can be successful with same 3-4 games with timed exclusive dlc.

since launch of kinect MS have kind of given up on core market, which i believe will bite them in their behind come next gen.

gamers are a lot of things but stupid isn't one of those things.

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Ezz20131989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

i know what xbox fan answer would be
"because MS is ready for nextbox"

if that even close to true
then that's a company that don't deserve any gamer respect
they drop support for the console before even show the new one ??!!
and don't tell xbox still getting MultiPlat games
that's not support...that's just what every other system have too
no one need to own xbox to play games you can find on other systems
and psn + already beat xbox live when it come to value

sony may show ps4 this year or next or never and the samething with MS
no one knows..i all just rumors
we should care about what we have right now

with sony ...ps3 fans get alot of support from 1st/2nd/3rd part dev's
and will still get that support even after few years in ps4 life
sony only care about money just like MS..yes i know that
but atleast sony doing it job with playstation owners

i know i will get downvoted and lose bubble
it's just my opinion though

saint_seya1989d ago

sry i had to bubble + for smart comment ;)

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

"i know what xbox fan answer would be
"because MS is ready for nextbox" "

2010s alam wake was the last new IP. And I got it on pc.

Xbox gamers don't care for new IP's or platform support for other than shooters. America sigh.. They just want who has the best commercial because the one with the best ad is the best to them.

tommygunzII1989d ago

I dont think that's necessarily true. I think they would play more games than shooters but that seems to be all they have, when it comes to exclusives. Thats why their few exclusives do sell more, there is less to choose from.

UnholyLight1989d ago

How is that disrespectful? Especially if none of these games will be backward compatible why would a dev release a game on the 360 at this point in time.

fermcr1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

"i know i will get downvoted and lose bubble it's just my opinion though"

... just like Sony dropped the support for the PSP. I got a PSP that's as good as a paperweight.

Maybe you should be more attentive before writing your "opinion".

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GribbleGrunger1989d ago

The Last Of Us
God Of War Ascention
Sly 3
Until Dawn

I make that eight and I'm sure I've missed one.

Catoplepas1989d ago

Disgaea D2
Tales of Xillia
The Witch and the Hundred Cavalrymen
Yakuza 5


Quite possibly others. I'm not entirely sure.

room4141989d ago

MLB 13:The Show
Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires
Dust 514
Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory
Dragons Crown

Not sure if that's all. There might be more.

Jag-T10001989d ago Show
Catoplepas1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )


Errr, congratulations?

I'll take a diverse choice of titles, over one that sells well any day of the week.

Enjoy your sales. I'll enjoy my games.

Rhythmattic1989d ago


I shall now refer your statement to the dictionary.


MoonWheel1989d ago

@ Jag yea check your facts. Gears sells around 5 to 6 million units not even close to 10 million. Also I should inform you that the uncharted games were able to sell around that much.

tommygunzII1989d ago

@ Jag-T1000

That's because you have so few choices, it's either Gears or nothing when it comes down to it. Its that simple.

Multiplatform games are almost tied in America now in terms of weekly sales between PS3 / 360. According to VGC for what its worth.

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pandaboy1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

There's actually not that many when you begin to resort to downloadable and no-name titles. Anyone could do that for the 360 too.

Zechs341989d ago

There's one game in those entire lists that these well informed individuals listed that is coming out on PSN and that's "Rain" I believe. Everything else on that is a retail disc title and more than half of them will be over 80 on Metacritic.

And as far as Jtag's jab toward sales, God of War alone can go toe toe with Gears.

Troll harder. Even your name is a disappointment over something illegal to do to you box to cheat and play games for free. Gtfo.

nukeitall1989d ago

If you narrow it down to a certain convenient games, but what about last year?

Many of these games were probably pushed out to this year due to being delayed. As far as I can remember, there was only one AAA exclusive game on PS3 last holiday. That fighting game that bombed.

Does it matter anyhow? I have so much games on the backlog, exclusives and multi-platform and I can't find time to play them. There is a huge library on all platforms, except Wii U due to being new. If you can't find games to play, you either have too much time on your hand or have a very narrow taste for games.

ILive1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

It actually does matter because of competition. Competition is suppose to bring quality and variety. Only Sony seems to understand this. I cannot blame Microsoft because it apparently doesn't matter and Mulitplats have done far better than exclusives this Gen when they are obviously sold across different platforms. I love use to love the Xbox, and I still like it. But I have to say that purchasing a Ps3 was one of the best thing I have ever done for myself this Gen. If only the 360 was more like the original Xbox. Men did I love that console. It had an amazing variety of games. It was just late to the party.

Sony is already making names for these exclusives come next Gen. They don't have to stress about new ips like microsoft. They just have come out with couple more to add to the list.

cloud 2791989d ago

to nukeitall,
PS3 in year 2012 had 7 Exclusives.
Little Big Planet Karting
PS All Star Battle Royale
Ratchet and Clank Full Frontal Assault
Sorcery (This is a move game don't know if this should be counted or not)
Tokyo Jungle
Twisted Metal

Also they release the ratchet and clank, killzone, jak and daxter collections.
plus MLB the show, and move games.

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GribbleGrunger1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

Double Post.

InsaneGam3r1989d ago

No need for the 'fanboyism'.

Friendly comment passing through