'The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct' coming to Wii U, out March

The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct is coming to Wii U, it has been revealed.

The first person stealth-action game will be the same as the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC versions, but will make use of the GamePad's touch screen to manage inventory.

"We were over halfway through the project when the Wii U thing started coming about," producer Glenn Gamble said.

"We didn't want to change the game, because the game had already been established, so we tried to say, 'What can we augment with the Wii U version?'

"That's where it's basically a more elegant inventory management system. With the Wii U you have access to your backpack at all times, so you can tap what weapons you want, you can drop stuff. It's a lot more streamlined."

The title was also given a release date of March 22 in Europe.

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DarkBlood2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

sweet now i just need the release date for canada, i hope theres a limited edition for it

dazzrazz2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

Why would you want a limited edition, why would you even consider buy this pile of garbage ? Did you see the preview clips ? Games looked better on PS2.

Hisiru2014d ago

Those are confirmed to be fake.

DarkBlood2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

Being a Fan of the series and soon to be getting into a comics/books but apart from that a fanmade trailer of old clips isnt going to deter me from getting the game and this is coming from a person who greatly enjoys the Telltale game and owns it.

and personally i dont care to be a negative person so there you go

stay positive or dont reply to me at all lol

OccludedGamer2014d ago

I'm not trying to change your opinion here, after all you are free to enjoy what you wish as is anyone. However I just wanted to point out to you that there is little-to-no similarity between this game and telltales game.

It really would be worth checking out the leaked footage, which isn't very old either. The footage is pretty underwhelming for any game. It's not fan made, that is genuinely footage from the game, and its only a couple weeks old. I really wouldn't just brush it off. Personally I would be cautious of what footage is shown before the release since the game is VERY close to release.

Either way, I hope the game does end up being a satisfactory purchase for you. But don't expect this to do justice to The Walking Dead on the level that Telltale's game did either.

DarkBlood2014d ago

i seen it and already know that its a prequal to the tv series, im not expecting it to be anything like the telltale game after all we got season 2 for that coming in about a year or so

and well knowing what walking dead is about i pretty much already know what to expect from this game and the graphics from what i saw of it didnt bother me at all.

unlike some people i dont hold a game to high expectation thus allowing me to enjoy it more or in other words i stay neutral as much as possible

PopRocks3592014d ago

Well, it's nice at least one new game isn't skipping. Hopefully more of the newly announced games get Wii U versions.

Jadedz2014d ago

Either way, it's good news.

deafdani2014d ago

Talk about a stretch... >_>

LOL_WUT2014d ago

I thought you Nintendo fans didn't care about FPS? ;) But like you said though its good news either way.

deafdani2014d ago

Nintendo fans care about many genres, FPS's included. The thing is, this generation, Nintendo fans had to care more about other genres (platforming, adventure), to get their fix of Mario platformers, Zelda, Metroid, Mario Kart, etc, because...

...if you're a fan of FPS's, then an Xbox 360 or a PS3 or a PC were definitely the way to go on this gen. The Wii just didn't cut it. However, FPS's whad a fair presence on Gamecube, and N64 (GoldenEye, anyone?), and maybe they will get more presence on the Wii U... who knows. Only time will tell.

Another thing: despite being in first person, Zombi U isn't exactly a shooter, just like the Metroid Prime games aren't shooters, despite being in first person and having shooting mechanics. Zombi U is more like a first person survival adventure game. Yeah, with some "pew pew" shooting. :P

Jadedz2014d ago

I just don't bother with the terrible ones - so if this game is garbage, I just won't play it.

I read about the backpack via Wii U gamepad, and I automatically thought about ZombiU. Never played it, so I guess it was wrong of me to associate this title with Ubisoft's one.

PopRocks3592014d ago


When did you hear that? You need to stop making these stupid generalizations about Nintendo fans.

-MD-2014d ago

As a huge fan of TWD show and the Telltale game this one looks like hot garbage.

majiebeast2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

They could have put this game on wii,ps2,xbox and Vita thats how horrible it looks. I hope it bombs on any platform so activision knows they cant keep cashing in on mediocre and lazy games.

BanBrother2014d ago

Actually, some of the games in Vita look better than this garbage. Lol most people who were trying to be optimists said to give it time, as there is plenty of time to fix it. Little did they know it is releasing in a couple months.

Sad really, as I am a huge 'TWD' fan. This game is an atrocity. Games made 5 years ago on the source engine looked better than this steaming pile of monkey-shit.

Trust me, I wish this game to be super awesome, I really do. But I'm pretty sure the fact Activision and the developer behind some of the most mediocore ball-sweat excuses of a game are behind this, I am so not expecting this to get reviews above the 5/10 mark.

Just waiting patiently for Season 2 from Telltale. At least they care about more than just money.

nintendoland2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

it's not about the looks. This generation of gamers just don't get it :(

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