Weekly Sales Analysis, 29 December - Holiday Period Ends, Sales Down

Worldwide Hardware:

1: 3DS - 665,304 (-40%)
2: PS3 - 599,500 (-22%)
3: X360 - 421,815 (-48%)
4: WiiU - 238,530 (-39%)
5: Wii - 202,795 (-39%)
6: PSV - 144,349 (-29%)
7: DS - 143,498 (-46%)
8: PSP - 84,803 (-37%)

Worldwide Software:

1: (X360) Call of Duty: Black Ops II - 447,173
2: (PS3) Call of Duty: Black Ops II - 433,305
3: (X360) Halo 4 - 357,019
4: (Wii) Just Dance 4 - 349,317
5: (X360) Far Cry 3 - 282,236
6: (3DS) New Super Mario Bros. 2 - 253,838
7: (PS3) FIFA Soccer 13 - 243,423
8: (PS3) Assassin's Creed III - 242,777
9: (X360) Kinect Adventures! - 216,358
10: (PS3) Far Cry 3 - 215,534

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smashcrashbash2014d ago

Wow PS3 did pretty good this Christmas.Second only to the 3DS

Muerte24942014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

Please wait on the official numbers coming from Microsoft and Sony. But for all those naysayers saying ps3 would never surpass xbox360....

PS3 has surpassed xbox360 in worldwide sales (shipped) 77 million to 76 million roughly from the latest report. These numbers are as of December 2012.

one source....

2nd source

3rd source...

Now is should be noted that there are no hard concrete numbers from Sony or Microsoft yet. Microsoft should be announcing their number here in a couple of days. We will hear from Sony at the beginning of February. But this report is according to Game Industry International (worldwide shipped sales).

B-radical2013d ago

Lol wait for official reports

Hands Up For Games2013d ago

Does this mean we can have a party now?

GribbleGrunger2013d ago

No, it's just verification that the inevitable is going to happen this year.

QSPR2013d ago

bu.... bu... one year headstart.... but... but... we got final fantasy and metal gear!!!! bu.. but.. we have a exclusive content for a month! we got netflix firts, HDMI is not ned it for hd content or the future, the ps3 is just a bluray player.. nooooooooo!! lol @ micro$oft

stiggs2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

In the last generation Sony sold 6 times the amount of PS2 consoles than Microsoft did with their original XBOX.

This generation the two companies are essentially tied in sales. You call that a win for Sony?


Side note: I have both consoles and it's my hope that they both succeed now and in the future.
Also, anyone who writes "Micro$oft" is either a child or an idiot...probably both.

Dlacy13g2013d ago

@Muerte294 while I am not doubting the validity of the shipped number report. You site 3 "sources" to back up the report. The problem is all 3 of your "sources" are all using the same "source" which is IDC. There is only ONE source at this point that has reported this shipped number. There are multiple other media sites reporting on that ONE source.

Just clarifying the facts not trying to say you are wrong or the report is wrong. And as you pointed out, official numbers would be nice to confirm everything.

BABYLEG2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

Does it matter if PS3 sales surpasses 360 sales? Especially when Xbox brings in 10x the revenue of the playstation. All those consoles with so little game sales while the console with less sales have more active players on every game, more active online users and better overall experience

Skips2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )


Sony's worst performance on console sales is tied if not better than Microsoft's best. Just sayin.

stiggs2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

I understand your point but that is semantics. One has to take into account that Sony was coming off a very successful run with the original PS1. They became a juggernaut with the release of the PS2 and absolutely crushed the original XBOX in terms of sales. The expectations for the PS3 were that Sony was going to wipe Microsoft off of the map. To see Microsoft essentially tie Sony in sales during this generation is a near miracle.

Even if the PS3 exceeds the sales of the XBOX 360 it's still a massive win for Microsoft and in turn can only be viewed as a disappointment to Sony (based on sales figures from the former generation of consoles)

I play on both systems so good on both companies for succeeding in a poor economy.

fatstarr2013d ago

I cant wait to see the 2million ps3's and 3million 360s shipped over this holiday season counted as official numbers...

Official sham numbers

darthv722013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

both ms and sony moved some impressive units overall.

And QSPR...WTF? If i didnt know better, i'd say you are intentionally giving sony gamers a bad rap with that comment.

off topic: This gen, MS earned their respect for being committed to staying in the game to the end. That is something even a culture like JP finds honorable as opposed to simply giving up.

@fatstarr...there are two types of sales numbers. sold to retailers (aka shipped) and sold to consumers. When MS and sony talk about sales they are referring to the units sold to retail stores. When stores report sales numbers they are reporting sold to consumers.

So basically both sets of numbers have their purpose and both can be interpreted the same way. Consumer market is sold "by" the store. Retail market is sold "to" the store.

2013d ago
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user39158002013d ago

Not really, loosing sales is not a strategy anyone wants to keep, over all Sony its below the standard and the problem is out of touch with both consumers and developers. I remember when Sont was the IT factor... Now what we have is the hope for Sony to keep us visit with first party, gamers has change and so have the developers. Its a done deal the only one who lost this gen was sony, nintendo and xbox both outpaced their previous demand by exciting on their sales from previous gen. I hope Sony does better with PS4 and I think they will cause WII-U as you can see has been on the slow sales demand world wide and will die off withing 2 years time, letting the big guns come out blasting for triumph of next gen Sony/MS.

Knight_Crawler2013d ago

Who the hell is buying all these 3DS?

B-radical2013d ago

Xbox has done great to hold its own against ps3. Keep in mind xbox only had one console before the 360 to build its name on. Vita imo has been a fail but will have to see what 2013 brings. 720 and ps4!

chestnut11222013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

Say the Vita is a "fail" after 5 years dude.., and keep in mind that XBOX360 is 1 year older than the PS3., Now that the PS3 is coming closer and closer to the top., Now is the right time for Vita to have incredible games. I believe SONY will surpise as these coming February

chukamachine2013d ago

Get what your saying, but MICROSOFT is a household name already and spent megamillions advertising and goodie bags.

Had a year+ on it's own and devs coded for it's hardware.

Dlacy13g2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

and they also overcame the RROD fiasco which lets be honest, that single huge issue should have sunk the 360. I also happen to think the 360 RROD is the main reason why Sony was even able to get to this point. If you looked at the sales trend the 360 tapers off significantly at the end of yr 2 as the RROD issue came really was brought to the forefront of the media and the company formally began addressing it. Confidence in the 360 sank...and yet MS salvaged what should have been disasterous. They limped through yrs 3 and 4 and then really turned it back around in yrs 5 through 7.

Moentjers2013d ago

@Dlacy13g. Indeed, some extra billions can do miracles...

kikizoo2013d ago

" I also happen to think the 360 RROD is the main reason why Sony was even able to get to this point."

no, better hardware (+ bluray) and more and better games are the reason why...(rrod = more consoles sold for ms, but also more millions spent for reparing, and viral marketing + internet partners/sites and fanboy : "rod is not really a major problem" "ps3 is doomed" etc etc)

ps : 200k more for ps3 again ? clearly first now (since months) and it's not over (without $$$ marketing, and extreme fanboyz and sites spreading lies it should have been a huge victory before)

gnothe12013d ago

you sony fanboys crack me up..even IF the PS3 surpass the 360 77-76 million you gotta go back to last was 100+ million an xbox was ONLY 24 million..this gen xbox TRIPLED its sales an so far sony has LOST how is this a celebration for sony..also last year you guys accused MS of channel do you know thats not what sonys doing..unless something drastic happens at the end of this gen MS an sony is gonna end up in a TIE.

chestnut11222013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

Your just making Yourself butthurt., You should know by now that PS3 is still going strong with lot of big games being announced for it with more exclusive games.

wenaldy2013d ago

Dude you went mental, chill the f out..

rainslacker2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

Sony had sold 87 million PS2 after 6 fiscal years on the market. Currently the PS3 is still in it's 6th fiscal year, with 2-1/2 months left to go.

I don't know if the 77 million prediction is accurate. If it is then Sony is currently down 10 million from their previous console, if it's closer to 72 million then they are down 15 million.

What that indicates to me, is that Sony is still on track to sell over 100+ million consoles. It just may take them an extra year to do it.

That's not too shabby considering it was twice as expensive as the PS2 on release, and still is more expensive than the 360 (with one SKU being the same cost as the Wii U), and had a lot of competition from both Nintendo and MS. Sony has never really had that competition before. Sony's big boom on PS2 sales came in it's 3rd-5th year on the market, when it saw almost no big competition whatsoever.

MS has a lot to be proud of for how they managed to become a real competitor this generation, but for the most part Sony is doing what it's always done.

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room4142013d ago

"this gen xbox TRIPLED its sales an so far sony has LOST sales"

So sony's lowest selling console still beats microsofts best...


Ezz20132013d ago

lol you deserve a 2 bubble for funny/well said

Newsman2013d ago

Woot, made up figures.

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