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Submitted by rainkore 1129d ago | article

Friend of the Devil – A Letter to the [New] Devil May Cry Haters

A simple letter to all of the people spreading the waves of negativity across the ocean we call the Internet. DmC is upon us and it already is viewed in negative light. (DmC: Devil May Cry, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

jc48573  +   1129d ago

not hating not hating......

can anybody guess where this song was used for?
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OmegaSlayer  +   1129d ago
Stopped reading at this point: "Try dressing like the original Dante and walking into a bar. They would laugh your ass right out the door. He doesn’t fit in today’s world. " because he shows that he has been brainwashed by Capcom/Ninja Theory PR speeches.

Ninja Theory didn't understood Dante's spirit...people would have laughed at Dante's look even in 2001.
Dante would have facepalmed, laughed and offered people a beer.

The game will probably be good but still not DmC.
The lack of lock button transforms the game from stylish to brawler, for example
clovis212  +   1129d ago
DMC 1 had no lock on and you're not complaining about that. It's a new Dante with a new spirit. It's fine if you don't like it. But don't judge a game you haven't even spent time with yet.
OmegaSlayer  +   1129d ago
I complain' because of what I've seen and what I've played.
Also, I'm a gamer first, I'm not boycotting the game, I pre-ordered it, will play the s**t out of it and most probably enjoy it because it is clearly a good game.
But being a good game and being a good Devil May Cry are different concepts.

For the majority of the franchise fans it lacks something. It lacks the spirit.

It's just like RE6, I played all the games but I'm not a die-hard fan, so I enjoyed and had fun with both RE5 and RE6 (RE5 more than 6 actually) but I see why the fans complain about, what they feel lacking.

So, having just played the past Devil May Cry is not "enough" to be a die-hard fan, you're just a fan, so you can accept some changes.
A die-hard Devil May Cry fan poured at least 40-50 hours on DMC3 to master the combos, to find ways to innovate combos, to play the game flawlessly at Dante Must Die without taking a single hit.
Me and the other people who played and loved the game for this aspect won't surely find what we would have expected from a Devil May Cry title, that we found in Bayonetta for example.
Gamehard  +   1129d ago
@clovis212, obviously you never played DMC1 if you don't recall it having a lock on. It didn't have a visual effect showing which target you were locked on, but holding R1 locked onto the nearest enemy. And everyone has had an opportunity to spend time with DmC with the lackluster demo by now.
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   1129d ago
I skimmed through it and read near the end that basically this guy thinks looks are the issue. Is it just me or is every fan of this game suffering from reading comprehension issues? The looks are stupid, but the ISSUE is the actually gameplay not being up to standard for Devil May Cry. Standalone game, it's fine. As a Devil May Cry game, it's not fine at all.
LordMe  +   1129d ago
Journalists are the fans of DmC has always boiled it down to "Get over the hair"

We keep saying whats wrong with it, but they never seem to listen. Most previews open up like "Dante looks different, but it's still DMC!" When in fact it's not.

As you said, if it was a new I.P it would be fine, but it doesn't stand up to DMC's standards.
cferretrun  +   1129d ago
I think a lot of this focus on looks come from the overwhelming swell of fans still calling the new Dante different things like Donte. Going so far as to change the name of the character in your argument shows your dislike for the design, feel, and attitude of the character and that's what I think a lot of these articles are honing in on.

Unfortunately, the credibility of an argument nose-dives when the delivery of that argument is rife with petty name changes of the character, the title, and the developers. These writers see it, and that's what they focus on.
Baka-akaB  +   1129d ago
The bulk of it is that they have no real arguments against everything negative pointed out about the gameplay and the game itself ... they their ostrich stance is to just repeat "get over the hair" or "it's a reboot!!!"
clovis212  +   1129d ago
And who are you to say what the standard for a Devil May Cry game needs to be? Did you work on it? No, you didn't. But NT and the creators of DMC at Capcom worked really closely on this. So I'll trust their standard.
DragonKnight  +   1129d ago
Are you kidding? Look, take your NT/Capcom "I love being ignored and having franchises ruined" attitude somewhere else. Who are we to say what the standard is? Just the people who f*cking paid for each game with our money and know what we like and what we don't like that's who. Without OUR money, Devil May Cry wouldn't have gone past the very first game. Without the standards we've come to expect and enjoy, we wouldn't have spent our money on consecutive titles. So yeah, we DO get to say what the standards are and what they are not. Don't like it? Tough.
Godmars290  +   1129d ago
How about just accepting that some old DMC fans just don't want to give this new DmC a chance?

As bad as such may sound, its a frank statement.
zerocrossing  +   1129d ago
I'm willing to go with that.

It's not because of blind hatred either, it's because I find everything Iv read, seen and played regarding DmC off putting, Id be a fool to purchase a game I genuinely dislike this much.
j-blaze  +   1129d ago
i can't believe how stupid those so called Journalists can be sometimes!

on side note: remember when that arrogant head of NT said that he doesn't CARE about fans or if this game sells a thousand?
here some of his tweets lately:

pathetic isn't he?
matrixman92  +   1129d ago
"I keep hearing people call the new Dante, “Emo Dante”. Every time someone calls him that, they lower the IQ of the entire planet, so please stop."

This is quite possibly one of the dumbest sentences I have ever read. And I do not even care about Devil May cry at all, new or old.
Mocat  +   1129d ago
"And I do not even care about Devil May cry at all, new or old."

then why comment?
matrixman92  +   1129d ago
because the whole thing is hillarious
Hicken  +   1129d ago
Even if your opinion is that you don't care one way or the other, you still have the right to voice that opinion.

On topic, it's sad that people are STILL debating why people aren't giving this game a chance. I'm not the hugest fan of DMC, but I can definitely see why fans would be upset. ESPECIALLY when franchise fans have disrespected openly by the developers.

Decent game, it may be, but I don't think I'll be supporting it with a new purchase.
Mocat  +   1129d ago
So you're just a troll trying to make things worse
matrixman92  +   1129d ago
dont know how im making things worse...but ok
andshesays  +   1129d ago
Seriously..... STOP CRYING

Im buying this purely because I know the characters are cool the demo was great and story wise im intrested too, so im giving this a chance for sure

but im worried...

what if they release a SUPER DMC XL DLC disc few months down the line...
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DragonKnight  +   1129d ago
"Characters are cool"

-Are you 12? The characters are horrible unless you're a child that thinks cursing is "cool and edgy" and fat ugly business men are the "true evil" and you actually like Vergil as a pussy.

"demo was great"

-If you like broken combat, glitches and bugs, no real challenge or fear of failure, and accessibility than the demo was the perfect game for you.

"story wise im intrested too."

Because story ideas that Tameem admitted to ripping off makes for such an original story for a game right?

Stop allowing Capcom, Ninja Theory, or any other dev/pub get away with substandard games and ruining franchises.
rainkore  +   1129d ago
I would have to say that just because there is swearing in the game doesn't make it childish. You would have to say the same about games like Hitman, Sleeping Dogs, GTA, The Darkness, or really any other "adult" themed game. The game is stylistic and it has a grittier and almost in a campy way.

Also you make reference to the broken combat and other issues. I feel this is very difficult to wag your finger at since this is not a final release, beta-ish. This isn't the polished, pretty, happy, shiny product.

Most of this will have to be claimed once the actual game is in hand in a few days.
andshesays  +   1129d ago
Im sorry if my opinion came across wrong, and when I said ill be giving it a chance, that means im not buying it on the first day it does not deserve it,

Im going to wait till its at least half price or lower because you are right and I agree with you, but I didnt like DMC4 as much but I really enjoyed DMC3 so it sort of reminded me of that thats the reason why I enjoyed it,

I loved ENSLAVED too but I didnt buy it till it was 10 pounds...
rainkore  +   1129d ago
@andshesays your opinion was not wrong at all. I completely understand where you are coming from. I am that way about most games that are not being reviewed by us. I usually wait. I have high hopes for the game.
Omnislash   1128d ago | Spam
DragonKnight  +   1129d ago
This is the dumbest piece of uninformed DmC love I have ever had the displeasure of reading, and I am definitely going to need more room than N4G provides to make a proper response to this trash. The author should be ashamed of himself.
Xklaw  +   1129d ago

What the hell are you saying? DMC 1 had no lock on?
Even if it didn´t have, it was the first game of it´s genre and we wouln´t know if it needed a lock on feature or not. But it so happens that the 1st DMC had a lock on. The 2nd DMC gave us the ability to switch between targets ( among other moves ). The 3rd gave us styles ( along with more moves ), the 4th gave us style on the fly. So you see, the gameplay of Devil may cry just kept getting BETTER and BETTER ( as old Dante would say ). I was agreeing with some points written in this "letter" until he said: " change styles before you play ". At this point he doesn´t sound like someone that has played all of DMC games, neither do you when you say DMC1 had no lock on.

I don´t hate this new dmc, but i don´t love it either, because i will always compare it to the original. It´s not about the hair, because i´m pretty sure he will have the iconic hair later ( it´s obvious ). I like the setting in our modern world too. But, this game doesn´t feel like DMC, because instead of increasing the already vast arsenal in Dante´s moves, they removed some, and add the annoying heavy stance light stance from heavenly sword . But the thing that really pisses me off is that fucking Vergil DLC. I was on the "Limbo" and that alone made me not buy this game ( not until it´s cheap ).

This game doesn´t feel like DMC, but it doesn´t look like a suck game. It´s an average game, for average gamers. If others DMC fans are like me, they don´t hate this game per se, they hate this "DMC" game, because let´s face it, they are offering less gameplay quality for more money.
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   1129d ago
How do people expect old Devil May Cry fans to give the game a chance when journalists and bloggers keep goading them like this?

This "letter" isn't going to make the ravine any smaller.....
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clovis212  +   1129d ago
Every professional publication has played 10 lvls of this gameand praised it. It's on the cover of the official PlayStation magazine and they praise it. Ive yet to see anyone except annoying haters on the Internet say it's bad. His article sounds researched and from credible sources.

If the demo's so easy as some have said, I believe the author asked for their own videos proving it. But so far no one's offended any.
rainkore  +   1129d ago
so... yeah

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Omnislash  +   1129d ago
Do not buy this game, save your money and buy something else. This game has become bastardized beyond recognition...

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