PS4: Sony’s Moment of Truth

The Xbox 360 holds the cards. In the next generation, Sony will need to make a comeback.

The next generation is right around the corner. With the next iteration of Microsoft’s Xbox, currently referred to as Xbox 720, possibly finding its way to store shelves later this year and an increase in reports and rumors regarding Sony’s PlayStation 4, the next several months will be brimming with new and exciting previews of the next several years of gaming. In some respects the next generation has already begun, with Nintendo releasing the Wii U last November. The next console war is imminent.

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miyamoto1687d ago

Sony will need to make a comeback...

stopped right there...
another site desperate for hits

duh? when did it leave?

Did MS kicked them out of the games industry?

"The report also highlights that just this past December, Sony's PS3 managed to surpass the number of Xbox 360s shipped worldwide (about 77 million vs. 76 million), despite the PS3 launching a year later."

The author must be living in an alternate reality...

JoGam1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

I swear I hate these types of opinion pieces.

decrypt1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

Well Sony is a near bankrupt company. I doubt they will even have the budgets to make a proper Ps4 launch.

Back in 2000 Sony was worth 200 billion usd. Today they are hardly worth 10 billion usd. They will need to a miracle to make a turn around. As a company they have only been posting losses since the last 4 years.

I would be vary of buying any Sony products since if they close down, no future support.


Check Sony stocks they are only getting decimated. Sony as a company is in trouble. Failing divisions mean even the gaming division did well it wouldnt be enough for the company in the long run. No company can sustain itself indefinetly on losses.


Lol learn to read i said 10 billion. Not 10 million. 10 billion in todays world is nothing. Specially with when sony is competing with companies like Ms who is worth 220billion. Potentially Apple who is worth near 600billion or hell even a company like samsung who is worth 200 billion.

How is Sony to compete with these companies in any field when they can out spend sony on R&D, marketing etc. Its not possible not without a miracle.

Ezz20131687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )


"Well Sony is a near bankrupt company."

what the .... oh it's the usual decrypt comment

and the only "failing" division is sonyTV
the music/movies/playstatin bring them alot of money

theBAWSE1687d ago

Again propaganda article

click the plus sign next to the websites name and mark it down

its the only way we will stop these fud spreading articles desperate for hits

Silly gameAr1687d ago


How can a company that's still worth billions be near bankruptcy? That must be the wishful thinking of yours again.

BitbyDeath1687d ago

"Well Sony is a near bankrupt company."

Wish i was going bankrupt like Sony.

b163o11686d ago


I love how people disagree with facts lol

TheGamerDood1686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

How a developer codes for a certain piece of hardware is not the fault of the hardware maker.

Both the PS3 and xbox version of COD suffer from the same level of lag/bugs as the other and both are still suffering from lag compensation issues.

Please report this worthless troll garbage as lame. Thnx.

360ICE1686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

@decrypt, While I'd certainly agree that Sony are in a lot of trouble, they do have plenty of money and infrastructure to spend incredibly much on R&D.

Kaz Hirai has bought out Ericsson, bought a considerable amount of shares in Nikon and made many deals in several departments. They've also had huge lay offs, and are selling away huge chunks of their chemical department. That's what they're doing. Liquidating failing branches and investing even more into the ones they think can be profitable. PlayStation is one of the latter, so they're not all that likely to take it easy with the PS4.

Also, after a plummet earlier this year Sony stock has been fairly stable.

Yeah, that is a great example of Sony's current tactic. Scrap together money and invest. Gaikai, EMI, you name it.

Btw, if you disagree. Go to Wikinvest or forbes or wherever and take a look at Sony's stock, their investments and their stated business strategy. That's generally what I'm noting down here.

Pintheshadows1686d ago

Dear god Decrypt, I didn't know someone could type that much nonsense. Well done you.

Just to clarify as you seem confused. The difference between a struggling giant that is still worth billions and a bankrupt company is very vast indeed. Sony are currently undergoing significant restructuring to address the issue (the TV department might as well smash them with hammers when they roll off the line) which has already steadied metaphorical boat. It will take time (think years) for the effects to truly show. You seem to also be oblivious to the fact that circumstances change and new competion arises. Think Apple's emergence as a technology superpower or the rise of Kia in the car market.

I'm really sick of explaining this.

trancefreak1686d ago

Amen Jo Anyways back to gaming on my ps3.

1686d ago
gtr_loh1686d ago


How in the hell is Sony near bankrupt? That hardly makes any sense. Sony's total assets increased since 2011. The net worth of Sony as of 2012 is 13.7 Trillion Yen approx, 150B USD. That is not near bankruptcy. Even though Sony has posted fiscal losses, it does not mean they're going out of Business. I also don't know what you're talking about with R&D and marketing. Sony's spent fortunes on R&D and marketing when the PS3 came out in '07, there were tons of ad's marketing that machine. Also, when the Vita released, there were ad's of the vita on literally every channel for the first few mounths of it's release.

-Source for Sony's net worth

and... No, i'm not a fanboy. I find decrypt's statement fictitious and not factual.

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Chuk51687d ago

That's a report, not officially backed numbers. I think it's more from the opinion that Sony has suffered a significant economic loss on the ps3, and while sales are steadying, in comparison MS has been placed in a better position economically to start next gen.

miyamoto1687d ago


Are you living in la vida loca, Ricky Martin?

There is no doubt MS has deep pockets and makes money more than Sony and Nintendo combined.

But that is not the Xbox division.

MS lost more money on 360 than it did on the first Xbox, LOST SO MUCH MONEY ON ITS Japanese campaign, to piracy, xbox live account hacks, to exclusivity deals and non exclusivity deals against Ps3, so on and so forth. Yet it still cant be the world's number one gaming platform.

Chuk51687d ago


My point still is that MS is economically better situated for next-gen. A point which you didn't counter or address very much, so the rest of your post is a bit irrelevant. I mean piracy isn't 360 exclusive.

Hingle_Mcringleberry1686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

Miyamoto, bro, why resort to lies? The Xbox 360 covered ALL its losses back in the 2011 and started making an overall profit. "Now Microsoft is over the hump: the business group containing Xbox has
turned an operating PROFIT for EACH of the
last 11 QUARTERS (last 4 years back then), including a $1.05
BILLION PROFIT last quarter thanks to sales of Kinect."
With Xbox Live alone bringing in nearly a billion every single year in revenue, it's no suprise Xbox 360 has been a commercially successful venture for Microsoft.
So no, they have not lost more than they did with the original Xbox, not even close.
Sony on the other hand blew through ALL the profit that the ps1 and ps2 made them by launching the PS3 and has yet to recover that. The ps3 may be profitable per unit sold, but it has yet to completely recoup the 4.7 billion SONY sunk into it.
Know your facts bro.

MikeMyers1686d ago

miyamoto, you really need to do your homework. The Xbox 360 has been much more of a success story for Microsoft than the original Xbox in many ways. They have also acquired key publisher support as well and are in good financial shape leading into next generation.

Game forums are the last place to get any real indication of what is going to happen next generation. Not when you have fans rooting for their preferred company.

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scofios1687d ago

The Xbox 360 holds the cards.

Ok whatever makes you sleep at night.

UnholyLight1686d ago

**Microsoft holds all the cards, yes.

In response to some of the comments above by Miyamoto etc they are in a GREAT position come next gen especially with all the acquisition of developers and such. There's no denying that overall, Microsoft has done way better this gen than Sony. I mean, I like Sony and wanna see them succeed too, but from a business perspective they have struggled a bit to get things off the ground for them, so overall, Microsoft is economically a lot stronger than Sony. Of course PS3 has basically matched Xbox 360 sales but Sony has lost a lot of money trying to get the PS3 where it is. Microsoft's spending this gen has not been a LOSS but rather an input that has yielded great gains for their company. Throwing 10million$ or so at a developer to help Microsoft have early exclusivity (Treyarch, IW) has yielded more sales on the Xbox 360 side of CoD for example, which means they likely made back these inputs quite easily.

Simple business, people. Doesn't take a University Commerce student (me) to figure that one out haha.

Seraphemz1686d ago

@light - "Of course PS3 has basically matched Xbox 360 sales " They actually passed them already, even with a years head start.

And dont forget, from Wii, 360 and PS3..the Wii was smashing the other formats.

Now things are different. But even from the begining, the PS3 was always the best deal.

FriedGoat1686d ago

It doesn't matter who is in a better position, Just look at who was in the better position with the PS2 and XBOX. Should that not be evident enough?

Resistance_lord1686d ago

It's more like a Troll Piece >.>

kenshiro1001686d ago

Gotta love these sites. They're still living in 2007 with the same old story.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

Why 360 fans so made? we all play the same games besides the 1 upcoming xbox exclusives and the 18 upcoming ps3 exclusives.

lfclee1686d ago

I think perhaps he means the ps2 was the greatest console ever when it sold more than a hundred and fifty million and where the company is now sharing the market !

1686d ago
showtimefolks1686d ago

the xbox defense force is in full effect


i guess sony bankrupt no wonder why they bought something for 2.2 billion yet they are going bankrupt

look at economy a lot of companies are struggling but sony's gaming division is actually profitable

also sony is still worth in 20 billion range not 10 billion

why is it so hard to face facts that ps3 outsold xbox360 since launch at a higher price point.

xbox360 came a full year ahead of ps3 here and 1.5 years ahead in Europe and ps3 was priced $599

sony's ps3 to sell 127 million consoles lifetime sales

xbox360 2nd and wii 3rd

ps3 over taking xbox really wasn't a surprise it was only matter of time

ElectricKaibutsu1686d ago

"ps3 over taking xbox really wasn't a surprise it was only matter of time"

I totally agree. But why did it take them so long? And why did the 360 need over taking at all? The PS2 was the best selling console ever and, unlike the Wii, those PS2 sales were from the hardcore not casuals. Now Sony has sold half as many systems which means half their customers switched to Xbox. Half! That's a big loss and Sony can only blame themselves. They were unprepared for the launch of the 360, they released too late, and at too high a price thanks to that cell processor.

I'm as big of a Sony fan as anyone, and have no love for Microsoft, but I'm not blind to the mistakes they made.

Not that I really care, I'm still buying a PS4 day one. I just hope Sony gets their PS2 era mojo back.

Edward751686d ago


Comeback to dominance. Market share took a plunge. That could be considered a comeback.... Getting back to the dominating force they once were.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1686d ago

No, all MS has done to Sony is kick their butt in sales numbers for the last 24 months in a row, in the biggest and most important place for video game sales.

The USA.

That's all they did.

Ezz20131686d ago

yes we know that USA=World
we know there is no life outside USA
the last person who got out of USA
they never heard of him again

Cam9771686d ago

Down vote the source:

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CaptainofCrush1687d ago

Sony's reputation has suffered irreparable damage by the poor performance of it's 3rd PlaceStation.