Is the Steam Box Really a Next Gen Competitor?

Things are getting steamy in the console market, with PC-gods Valve planning to release a ‘Steam Box’ that could dominate your living room. But are people getting all hot and bothered over nothing, or is this the next big thing? Daily Reaction wipes the condensed water off of our crystal ball and discusses the future of gaming.

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ftwrthtx1864d ago

If it has upgradeable ram and video card, and one helluva processor, I could see it.

PopRocks3591864d ago

What game console has ever done that? Wouldn't that basically just be a Sony branded computer? Also, maybe Sony shouldn't focus on making a kickass processor, considering how badly the Cell CPU hurt the PS3.

ftwrthtx1864d ago

I'm not saying that Sony should build it all, actually. Just that a small upgradeable box would save some serious bucks in the long run. When it comes to gaming PCs, it takes a lot of dough to stay ahead of the curve.

konnerbllb1864d ago

"What game console has ever done that?"

Sega Genesis - 32x cd
Nintendo 64 - Memory expansion upgrade

Blackdeath_6631864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

the steam box is essentially a pc. upgrading it will also be as expensive as upgrading a pc. everything about the steambox is similar to a pc apart from its size. the only time that isnt the case is if valve decide to cut the price and makes a loss everytime someone buys the steambox in the hope that they will make that money back from steam. otherwise you are better off buying a pc because the parts are more common and you can find anything you need from any electronics store. also it doesn't cost that much to upgrade a pc unless you want the best everything ever in it however if all you want is a pc that is better than any console you can make a mid range and it will perform much better than consoles both this gen and the next

bumnut1864d ago

"When it comes to gaming PCs, it takes a lot of dough to stay ahead of the curve"

My processor is 3 gens old (i7 950), im also running 2 x GTX 570's (1 gen old). You don't need to stay ahead of the curve, I can max out pretty much all games at 2560 x 1440 with great framerates using my 'outdated' parts.

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LackTrue4K1864d ago

how can any one know at this point, we have yet to see or have info on the ps4 and xbox.

bumnut1864d ago

What are you talking about? Don't come on this site talking sense! :)

Root1864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

We don't even know if that was the actual Steambox shown off...why havent Valve corrected sites yet.

Seriously I'm confused, every article on here so far makes it seem like it is the Steambox, PC/Console hybrid thats been talked about for months.

I thought the Steambox was supposed to be more of a console with it's own gamepad and that....the things shown off didn't seem like it had any of that, just mostly new PCs

doctorstrange1864d ago

A third party steam-focused box was shown, which isn't the Steam Box. But all the Steam Box talk is based on Gabe's rather open talk with The Verge about the actual Steam Box

Foolsjoker1864d ago

I have high hopes for Valve actually pulling this off, hopefully they don't let me down.

maybe it will release with HL Ep 3?

TrendyGamers1864d ago

I wouldn't bet on that but it would sell a lot of boxes.

doctorstrange1864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

If it does, it's coming out in 2030

doctorstrange1864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

Arg triple post

doctorstrange1864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

Arg triple post, guess it's good I don't have 10 bubbles...

NCAzrael1864d ago

Considering the fact that there is no HL2 Ep3 anymore, I'm seriously hoping that isn't the case. I'd be fine with it releasing with HL3, though.

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ElementX1864d ago

I don't think it's a next-gen competitor. It runs Linux and right now Steam has 40 some games which run on Linux, not a very good start imo. Furthermore, anybody who wants to play console games will buy a console and play Steam games on PC.

NCAzrael1864d ago

I think you're missing the entire point of what Valve is trying to do. The biggest drawback to PC gaming for all of the uninitiated who cling to consoles is the accessibility. PCs cost a lot, there are a lot of hardware configurations to pick from, and when building your own system you have some configurations that just don't work. For that matter you have a lack of cohesive software to tie the experience together.

With the Steam Box, Valve is throwing all of that out the window. Sure, right now the back catalog is a bit thin, but that doesn't mean existing games can't be updated to run on Linux. And we don't even know all of the details behind their custom OS yet, so who knows what's going to happen. If Valve and their hardware partner can manage to cut the cost of a mid-to-high range PC down to an affordable level, it will open the door for more console-only players to finally embrace PC gaming as a viable platform.

ElementX1864d ago

I dunno, even a lot of mainstream PC games don't run on Linux

papashango1864d ago

Steam is mainstream pc gaming. Valve is now backing Linux with its own hardware. All serious PC developers will now back PC gaming/Valve with Linux gaming software. It's really that simple.

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