Oculus Rift: A Glimpse of Gaming’s Future

IGN writes:

"The first time I ever played Super Mario 64, I didn’t attempt to capture a star or defeat Bowser. I didn’t even fight a single enemy or venture into any specific stage. I simply looked around, wandering the castle grounds. I wanted to see Nintendo’s vivid new world - something I had never been able to see in any game before it."

kalkano1208d ago

You KNOW people are going to combine this with acid/shrooms.

Snookies121208d ago

Hey... Marijuana and beer work decently as well...

Audiggity1208d ago

Yep, and they will rip the Oculus off of their heads within 5 minutes because it will make them FLIP OUT.

_LarZen_1208d ago

When the Oculus finaly comes out it is probably gonna change the gaming world as we know it.

It's gonna be mind blowing....

_LarZen_1208d ago

Hehe, thats like comparing the first mobile phone to todays phones :P

HotSoup1208d ago

I hope this technology reaaly takes off, i could see it being liscensed by a Major console maker Sony or Nintendo i would say.

Loki861207d ago

According to the developer he is going to make sure it is multi-faceted and will be able to be used on all systems including PC.

HotSoup1207d ago

that would be awesome.