Oculus Rift: A Glimpse of Gaming’s Future

IGN writes:

"The first time I ever played Super Mario 64, I didn’t attempt to capture a star or defeat Bowser. I didn’t even fight a single enemy or venture into any specific stage. I simply looked around, wandering the castle grounds. I wanted to see Nintendo’s vivid new world - something I had never been able to see in any game before it."

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kalkano1986d ago

You KNOW people are going to combine this with acid/shrooms.

Snookies121985d ago

Hey... Marijuana and beer work decently as well...

Audiggity1985d ago

Yep, and they will rip the Oculus off of their heads within 5 minutes because it will make them FLIP OUT.

_LarZen_1985d ago

When the Oculus finaly comes out it is probably gonna change the gaming world as we know it.

It's gonna be mind blowing....

FriedGoat1985d ago

just like the virtual boy.

_LarZen_1985d ago

Hehe, thats like comparing the first mobile phone to todays phones :P

HotSoup1985d ago

I hope this technology reaaly takes off, i could see it being liscensed by a Major console maker Sony or Nintendo i would say.

Loki861985d ago

According to the developer he is going to make sure it is multi-faceted and will be able to be used on all systems including PC.

HotSoup1985d ago

that would be awesome.