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Submitted by doctorstrange 1130d ago | news

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Price Drop was to “Make it a No-Brainer Purchase”

Earlier today we told you that Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time would be releasing for a reduced cost of $39.99 on PlayStation 3 and $29.99 on PlayStation Vita. This new price did have quite a few people wondering what the reasoning behind this drop could be, leading Cristian Cardona, Associate Product Marketing Manager of Software Marketing at SCEA, to clear them up.
-PSLS (PS Vita, PS3, Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time)

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TrendyGamers  +   1130d ago
Hopefully everyone previously on the fence picks it up now.
animegamingnerd  +   1130d ago
i am a big sly and the fact that sucker punch was working on it i was a little worried but now i will try and get it release month
TrendyGamers  +   1130d ago
I'll be joining you.
prototypeknuckles  +   1130d ago
i agree, i was very worried when i learned sanzaru was working on it, but they have proven to actually know what they are doing any the game looks better than suckerpucnhes games imo.
MikeMyers  +   1130d ago
If it's a competitive market does that mean The Last Of Us and Beyond will also be only $39.99? I would love to see that.

I wonder if they lowered the price of games would mean more sales and in the end more revenue?
Knight_Crawler  +   1130d ago
What was the original price? If it was $60 then that would not be worth it...that would be like Nintendo chargeing $60 for Mario.
Reverent  +   1130d ago
@Knight_Crawler, just because you're not a fan of something doesn't mean the game isn't worth it... Get your trolling ass out of here.
ABizzel1  +   1130d ago
It's about time some people started catching on.

I know devs. want to get the most money possible, but some games just aren't worth the FULL $60 asking price.

I know people love Sly, and will probably condemn me for saying this, but it's not a AAA game. But not every game needs to be a AAA game, and those unique experiences like Sly, are there to cater to specific gaming taste. And since it's that kind of game they need to come out with a price that caters to the audience and $40 is a good starting price for such games.

Loco Roco is another. It can't be a $40 - $50 Vita game, but it could be a $20 PS3 + PSV crossbuy / crossplay game.

More games need this.
boybato  +   1130d ago
I'm down with stealth games.. so why not? ;)
Spenok  +   1130d ago
Absolutely. This is GREAT news.

Especially seeing as how the first 3 were released at only $20.
Game4life  +   1130d ago
they were? wow. i never knew that
AznGaara  +   1130d ago
Definitely buying this now. This is actually a pretty smart move. With all the $60 AAA games coming out in the spring, a $40 one will definitely get peoples attention.

I mean run down the list:
Ni no Kuni - $60
God of War - $60
Metal Gear Solid Rising - $60
Crysis 3 - $60
Dead Space 3 - $60
Tomb Raider - $60
Bioshock Infinite - $60
The Last of Us - $60
Grand Theft Auto - $60

Thats ALOT of money and any attempt to give gamers a great game for less is fine by me.
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BoNeSaW23  +   1129d ago
I am also Definitely buying Sly 4 now also. I LOVE the "No-Brainer Pricing"!

I'll be waiting for Ni no Kuni to drop before I pick it up but The Last of Us and GOW:Ascension is Day 1 for $60.

And by time I get done with the Sony 1st party games the other multi-plats will be half off or a "complete edition" just around the corner from being released.
That's how I've rolled this generation and it has worked out Awesome!
showtimefolks  +   1130d ago
This is something more publishers need to do, if a game is offering only 8-10 hrs of single player than selling it for $39.99 may get you more sales up front from a lot of people n the fence or who would wait for a price drop
badz149  +   1130d ago
it was already a must buy for me even at $60
the cross buy Vita version is a plus but this does make me worried a bit. the cross-buy still stands, right? I still get the Vita version for free with the PS3 version, right?

AWESOME news nevertheless!
legionsoup  +   1129d ago
I agree with every last word you wrote here.

I already had it pre-ordered months ago at $60. But I haven't seen a definitive "and cross buy still applies."

But agree - great news. People would might have passed on it will get to experience a AAA game.
IAmLee  +   1130d ago
This has made my day.
jamiefoxx911   1129d ago | Spam
porkChop  +   1130d ago
Hmm. Only $29.99 for the Vita, eh? I wasn't gonna pick it up but for that price I think I will.
ZeroChaos  +   1130d ago
Erm you know this product has cross buy? So if you pick up the PS3 version you get the Vita version for free.
Krew_92  +   1130d ago
Some people don't have the space on their memory cards for cross buy deals. I would much rather have cartridges personally.

If I had a 32 GB memory card I would get in on the cross buy though.
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G20WLY  +   1130d ago
^Krew_92 since the content manager update, you don't really need all that space as it's MUCH quicker/easier to transfer from PS3 hardrive.

Makes the wait for price cuts to memory cards easier to swallow too, but sadly not enough people seem to know this update took place, or the extent of the improvement.
memots  +   1130d ago
Cross buy for me.

I got myself a 32gig expensive but worth every pennies
GraveLord  +   1130d ago
Glad to see games going back to $40. Playstation All-Stars would have sold much better at that price.
porkChop  +   1130d ago
Yeah I think it would be smart for all new IP to be priced at $40. Once it's established itself than future iterations could be priced at $60. But $60 is just too much to ask for a game where no one knows what to expect, the IP hasn't been proven yet so gamers are less likely to give it a chance.
ShaunCameron  +   1130d ago
<But $60 is just too much to ask for a game where no one knows what to expect, the IP hasn't been proven yet so gamers are less likely to give it a chance.>

Dishonored and Dragon's Dogma came to say "HI!"

@ GraveLord

How? This is a one-off thing.
smashcrashbash  +   1130d ago
It shouldn't be that way at all. In older days gamers brought new IPs because they looked like good games.Why should developers have to work so hard just to get you interested in a game? Not only do they have to spend millions advertising and work day and night to even get you to look at it but they have to hand it to you cheaper too? If they have to do so many things to just get you interested in a game you never really wanted it in the first place.

I am sure if people had then same attitudes that they had when they first brought out games like Kid Icarus,Medevil and Parappa now there would be no problem with people buying new IPs.You talk so casually about people shirking new IPs as if it is something wonderful evolution that we have come to accept. The fact that many people have to literally force new IPs down our throats or on their knees begging just to get the slightest attention from people is a terrible tragedy.It's not too much to ask that you keep an open mind and give something a chance.And worst of all people won't pay more for it once you offer that price. You have a lot of faith in modern gamers.I don't. They will just say 'why should I pay more when I paid less last time? I'm not buying it this time'
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porkChop  +   1130d ago

Great, you can name 2 games. Good for you. I bought Dishonored and enjoyed it very much. I wasn't talking about myself. But it's no secret that most new IP don't sell well. If you think a couple new IP selling well magically means there's no problem then you're blind.


I talk casually about it because it's true. Most new IP these days sell very poorly. Some of them get sequels that do much better, some of them get sequels that still sell like crap. Some of them don't get sequels at all. Fact is, there is a problem, and lowering prices on new IP, while not ideal in any way, could at the very least help the situation.

Personally, I do support new IP at $60. I buy many of them, as long as they are interesting. But most gamers don't think that way, most gamers these days stick to sequels because they already know what to expect. That's why most publishers are focusing almost entirely on sequels, it's because they sell.
Riderz1337  +   1130d ago
Sly isn't a new IP.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   1130d ago
Games should be $40 a pop period. Nothing higher than that. I never pay over $40 for a game anymore. I wait for price drop to $40 as I buy all my games new. Only game this year I'm getting at full price is GTA5.

Last gen I had no problem shelling full price for games that I was semi-interested in. This gen I ONLY pay full price for games I know I WILL enjoy 100%.

$40 should go back to being standard in my opinion.
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specsmatter  +   1130d ago
who to say that All Stars didnt sell that good? From what i gather no one knows the digital buy amount which shouldnt be discounted especially since based off of last year digital buys in the millions digital purchasers are a force to be reckoned with. Those troll articles about All stars not doing good are going off disc numbers not all the ppl that bought it digital on ps3 and vita. I have a feeling it did quite well. I for one bought it digitally so i know my purchase wasnt counted.
PopRocks359  +   1130d ago
Isn't this one of those "cross-buy" games Sony offered? Why not just get the PS3 version and get the Vita version for free?

Or does the process also work in reverse?


My point stands then. I imagine it would be a far better value to get the game on the PS3. That way if you have a Vita (or the intention to buy one) you can get the digital copy at any time.
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TrendyGamers  +   1130d ago
It only works when you buy the PS3 version, but yeah, Thieves in Time is a Cross Buy title.
SoundGamer  +   1130d ago
There are quite a few Vita owners who do not own a PS3. So they wouldn't be able to get the free Vita copy since it's an on-disc unlock.
G20WLY  +   1130d ago
I reckon they should cook up a deal with someone that has a PS3 then! Unlock it on their PS3, download it to your Vita, both chuck in $20! :P
Ult iMate  +   1130d ago
I for one prefer games on a physical medium. I know it's somekind of irrational in this case with Sly4, besides I even have 32GB Vita memory card, but I still prefer to buy games for PSV on cartridges.
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Tei777  +   1130d ago
PSV version is cheaper and if you know thats the main system you're going to play it on then it may be worth you just getting that version alone.
carson_le_great  +   1130d ago
prototypeknuckles  +   1130d ago
so a lenghty game made for sly fans by sly fans, and its only $40 it was alreayd worth the price before, now its just a steal, it would be ashame if this game doesnt sell.

can anyone tell me if ive pre-ordered for $60 already then can i get the last $20 back now?
Skate-AK  +   1130d ago
I'm sure you can. It would be stealing if they didn't.
memots  +   1130d ago
Not knocking you or anything. There is nothing wrong with being a fan of a game. But pre-order ?

Its not like this game will be sold out everywhere. Unless they offer an incentive for pre-order i do not see how pre-order is relevant anymore.
Godchild1020  +   1129d ago
There are bonuses for pre-ordering the game and going by how everyone is charging for preorder content after a set time, it would be best to do so.

There is always that chance that a game can be sold out. Dead Island when it first release and I couldn't find a copy of Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed for the Vita at retail, unless I ordered it or bought it online. Most locations only got one or two copies in at release.

"There will also be special items and costumes if you pre order the game. Sly's para glider will be able to show off some new skins and the always faithful Murray can be decked out in his brand new Ultimate outfit."

Related image(s)
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ftwrthtx  +   1130d ago
Great title for my Vita!
r21  +   1130d ago
This is great news but honestly I was ok with whatever price, the game we Sly fans have been waiting for is finally coming out after so many years! :D Thanks, Sanzaure/Sony for lowering the price ;)
Ares84HU  +   1130d ago
Why can't they do that with every game??? Would be cool. Still not sure if I will get this since February will be a crazy month with Aliens Colonial Marines, Metal Gear Revengence, Tomb Raider, Dead Space 3.
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GribbleGrunger  +   1130d ago
I'm just wondering if this could become Sony's new strategy on game sales. Selling more for less is sometimes the best way to go, so who knows, perhaps we could see similar pricing for ALL their AAA titles this year (If this games sells well of course)
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rainslacker  +   1130d ago
It could be. Sony doesn't have to pay the licensing fees that 3rd party does. I think those fees are between $5-10 per unit sold depending on whatever contract they have with the publisher.

You do have to sell an additional 33% more when it's 20 dollars less, and generally companies are willing to maximize revenue off people who would buy it full price, then drop the price later for those that would wait.

I don't think Sky has the same budget as say TLOU or Beyond, so it's hard to imagine they would drop the price when they have to bank off the people that would buy it full price either way.

What I've noticed is that games that are more colorful, or less realistic, are the ones that seem to come out cheaper. Lego, R&C:FFA, and now this, may not grab the attention of the people that find it kiddy oriented, but the price tag will catch their eye and generate interest in the game, thus increasing sales.
DigitalRaptor  +   1130d ago
My reaction:

I would happily pay full price for this since it's one of my most anticipated and it's freaking Sly! But at a reduced cost, I think this is a smart move.
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chcolatesnw  +   1130d ago
maybe they dropped price cos it sucks. not to stir anything up, i have this on my list next to gta 5, beyond, last of us and god of war, but what if they know its pretty bad, and wanna grab as much cash as possible? like war z? or that racing mp game with clowns i don't recall what its called.
majiebeast  +   1130d ago
If you have seen the ign live stream with the devs you would know this game is insanely polished and looks extremely fun to play.
Skips  +   1130d ago
Well, from what I've played from the demo (Ratchet and Clank Collection).

It does NOT suck. It's awesome actually.
Godchild1020  +   1130d ago
That demo was so short, but it did it's job and wet my appetite for the game. I can't wait for the new demo to hit the vita store and the full game next month.
Riderz1337  +   1130d ago
Are you seriously comparing the War Z To the Sly Cooper franchise? Please get the fuck out.
wenaldy  +   1130d ago
You know nothing about PS3 games, now your opinion is invalid and yeah the get fuck out.
#12.4 (Edited 1130d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
BlaqMagiq24  +   1130d ago
I hope you're not being serious are you? Have you seen anything about the game? If you haven't GTFO.
chcolatesnw  +   1121d ago
you, riderz and wenaldy are some sensitive fanboys. what, me saying that the potential of a ps3 exclusive might not be that high wet your little childish insult generating part of the brain? you people with your quick insulting comments are what the phrase "unstable childish troll" perfectly describes.
#12.5.1 (Edited 1121d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
Qrphe  +   1130d ago
"wanna grab as much cash as possible?"

Every marketing move, every announcement, every tweet from the developers, every interview, and yes, pricing strategies, are to GRAB AS MUCH CASH AS POSSIBLE.

It's a goddamn business, little boy
rainslacker  +   1130d ago
Price has nothing to with game quality. The Lego games always come out $10-20 cheaper than other new games, and they have more quality than many of the $60 games that also get released along side them.
TronEOL  +   1130d ago
Hmmm. Maybe Sony will make a habit of selling Single Player games for $30-40, and games that include MP will cost the full $60.

This would be incredibly smart of Sony to be the first to change their game costs based on content included (between $29.99 and $59.99, obviously). And if others (Microsoft and/or Nintendo) are slow to change, it'll pull more users over to Sony's side next generation if they continue this way.

But I do hope everyone starts taking a hint from Valve with Steam. Digital should cost less. The only reason I'm buying DmC on Steam as opposed to my console of choice (PS3) is because it's costing me $10 less. And most of my other PC Multiplatform games I'm buying are in the same situation.

So until they work that out, Valve will be getting my multiplatform money because they're wonderful.
sdozzo  +   1130d ago
Aka we thought it wouldn't sell.
TriangleOffense  +   1130d ago
yep this sold me, I was waiting for a drop but $40 for 2 games is a good enough deal for me
Ryo-Hazuki  +   1130d ago
I'm definitely buying this
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   1130d ago
I'm sorry are we talking retail or just digital download?
SoundGamer  +   1130d ago
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   1130d ago
Thank you for answering. I have more of a reason to buy this now.
Genuine-User  +   1130d ago
I hope us Europeans get a deal similar to what you folks are getting in America. We have to wait a month and half extra as well :(
doctorstrange  +   1130d ago
Yeah, I mean I'll buy it at full price, but if they're getting a discount, I want it.
torchic  +   1130d ago
when games are announced to cost $39.99 they always end up costing €39.99. all of Sony's HD collections had the same pricing strategy, so most probably the same will apply here.
PS4isKing_82  +   1130d ago
I feel Sony is clearing out these next few games of theirs and trying to make as much profit as they can before they announce the ps4 this year.

I wouldn't be shocked if god of war ascension is priced similar as well.
Then ppl can afford these last great games to play until the new console comes out.
BoNeSaW23  +   1130d ago
I was waiting for a better pre-order incentive other than the parachutes and Murry skin. Looks like Sony just gave me one!
#20 (Edited 1130d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
-MD-  +   1130d ago
This actually tends to work against a game. When they lowered Nuts & Bolts price to $39.99 everyone thought they lowered it because the game was either super short or it sucked. Neither of which were true.

Maybe consumers are a little less dense than they were in 2008 though.
#21 (Edited 1130d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
P_Bomb  +   1130d ago
Might just be the game. Arkham City was $39.99 for the 1st week at WalMart and went on to sell a few million and become one of the highest rated games of 2011.

BestBuy/Future Shop usually have $39.99 sales a month or so after release as well. I got Portal 2 one month after release for $39.99. Amazon has similar sales. What's great about this is it cuts out the middleman, and thus wins the battle for what I'll be buying on Feb 5th. Dead Space 3 is now relegated to backlog.
specsmatter  +   1130d ago
lol i dont even know what nuts and bolts is so i doubt it was the price that swayed ppl. I for one never really played a Sly game (dont know why) but i will be picking this baby up for my ps3 and vita bcus the price is just too enticing. And because i see so many ppl on here so enthusiastic about it (price drops and word of mouth do actually work)
rainslacker  +   1130d ago
It can have a psychological effect on people. When people see a game that costs less they think it's inferior to a game that's priced more. This is the average consumer, and not people that may follow the games however.

This was true, and even commented on by one publisher late in the last generation, but can't find the quote, or remember who said it.

However, nowadays, I think game buyers have become accustomed to games dropping in price pretty quickly, and it's pretty common to see big name AAA titles being cheaper within a month. Those same consumers may just think it's been out a while, and the price may be attractive to them.
Y_5150  +   1130d ago
I seriously wasn't going to mind paying the standard (60 US dollars) price for this game. This new price just have me saying thank you. It'll be great if 40 dollars would be the new standard price for new titles.
Skate-AK  +   1130d ago
If they make this their model I'm just waiting for some hardcore Xbox fanboy to say."PS3 exclusives are only $40 cause they are of lesser quality."
cfountain  +   1130d ago
Im getting the Vita version day one off the PSN.

Can't wait.
sarshelyam  +   1130d ago
Do you own a PS3? If worries, but for the extra $10 you get both versions through CrossBuy.
cfountain  +   1130d ago
yeah I have a PS3. I just want to get the Vita version.
banjadude  +   1130d ago
That settles it - preordered!

Also, additional savings through Bestbuy Canada ($5.00 off). Minimal, but still nice.
#25 (Edited 1130d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Soldierone  +   1130d ago
40 dollars should be the new normal price.... do you know how many more games I could buy because of a simple 10 to 20 dollar drop?

I keep gobbling up Vita titles because of that price.

And you can't say "oh the developers can't afford it!" Don't drink their PR kool aid. The price would mean way more sales, and they still tack on their over priced DLC too, which means more people gobbling that up as well.
ginsunuva  +   1130d ago
Or even smarter - $40 if you preorder...back to $60 on release day for disc. And then $50 digital.
But then if every game starts doing that it will be a massive headache.
Soldierone  +   1130d ago
Thats how movies work though. If you pre-order, it might be cheaper. On release day movies are anywhere from 15 to 20 dollars. It used to be after release week, movies would go up to 25 to 30 dollars. SOME movies still do, but with fierce competition between Amazon and Wal-mart it has changed.

However it DID work, so I don't see why game companies won't do it. It's a smart move because it pushed people like me to buy it before the price goes up. Then you have more people floating around the community that will buy the DLC to make up for the 20 dollar drop.
WeAreLegion  +   1130d ago
Nope. Played the demo. I'm not sure this team fully understands what is great about the Sly franchise.
BlaqMagiq24  +   1130d ago
I'm pretty sure YOU don't understand what is great about the Sly franchise.
#27.1 (Edited 1130d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
WeAreLegion  +   1129d ago
I'm betting you didn't play the demo? It was alright, but they don't have the dialogue down at all. That and the platforming was just there for the sake of platforming. Nothing exciting about it. Nothing that made me (or any of my friends who have tried it) want to keep playing.

Try it out.
Soldierone  +   1130d ago
Where is the demo? I want to try
WeAreLegion  +   1129d ago
You get it when you buy the Ratchet & Clank HD Collection.
TheLastGuardian  +   1130d ago
Nice, I'm glad they're sticking with tradition of releasing Sly games for less than normal retail prices. This game was already a no-brainer purchase for me. I'm glad more people will be willing to pick it up now. Thanks for saving me $20, Sony. I'll be sure to put that towards another one of your amazing titles this year.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   1130d ago
That's probably the smartest thing Sony has done. There's NO excuse not to pick this up, its practically a steal!!
isarai  +   1130d ago
It was on my list before, but now it's a way higher priority
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