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Analog Addiction Writes: "Another year means another round of NBA basketball in the 2K world. This one is probably even more sweet than even the infamous Jordan 2K11 due to NBA “Elite” (also known as NBA Live) officially shutting down their studios meaning there is only one basketball game in the market. 2K Sports once again adds more Legends to the NBA 2K franchise this time with three different type of games (the cover is Kevin Durant, Blake Griffin, and Derrick Rose unlike the last two years where you can buy the regular Jordan Cover or the Magic Johnson and/or the Larry Bird Cover Edition) and new teams like the World Famous Dream Team, even Allen Iverson and his 2001 Sixers!"

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MaleManSam2020d ago

Still a lot wrong with that game. Just look at the PC version... God damn SP points.

3-4-52020d ago

it keeps getting good reviews. This game that much better than 2k12 ? I liked 12.