Five excellent PlayStation Mobile games for your Vita

Digitally Downloaded writes: "The PlayStation Mobile platform is slowly growing into a nice bonus for PlayStation Vita owners. iOS-style cheap games with button controls? A perfect complement for the more full-fledged Vita games."

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remanutd551988d ago

If they only bring psn support to those games would be very, very nice, i was playing Lemmings not long ago and its pretty fun i must say but it would be even better with trophy, scoreboards support, just saying. wanna bring these little games to the vita audience then do it right because we have standards and as of today they haven't met them yet lol

GribbleGrunger1988d ago

I don't follow? These are on PSN in the PSMobile section.

jon12341987d ago

he wants the game to give you trophies and record scores to log players and give rankings

jujubee881987d ago

Good example. "Lemmings" would benefit a lot from trophies and scoreboards.

If I can break my own record and complete a certain task it would probably make me want to stay on the game a bit longer.

ABizzel11987d ago

I think they need a different name for the games or something.

PSMobile sounds great, and PSMini sounds great, but they should do something to promote the games better and let people know the games exist.

Maybe $1 deals or something, and highlight it on the Vita store and PSN, because you don't instantly think to check the PSMobile section.

sarshelyam1987d ago

I have to agree. I don't check out the PSM section as often as I should, and there are quite a few gems to be found within.

ABizzel11987d ago

I know. Even though I hate how slow the new PSN is on the PS3, it does help in advertising games, as well as promoting the top 10 games.

However, they need to do more than that, and actually show a video fo the game running like the the Xbox dashboard does with their ads (except here it's a gameplay video).

kingPoS1987d ago

My main gripe is when the new search overlooks somes games. For example when I try searching megaman, the ps1 versions won't even show.

Most of the store is ok, but i miss the straightforward search from the old store

Veneno1987d ago

The ps mobile section is the section i usualyy look at first.

Cam9771987d ago

I would like to buy HTH now.

Veneno1987d ago

I want PS2 classics on Vita.

r211987d ago

For anyone whose a fan of the animated series Avatar, theres an easter egg featuring it in that ghost game :D

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