IDC: Game consoles, discs to remain revenue mainstays for "years to come"

New report from IDC notes that PS3 surpassed Xbox 360 in global shipments (77 million vs 76 million) in December, and also states that Wii U should exceed 50 million sold by 2016

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stonecold31962d ago

well there goes vgcharts thrown out of the window undertacking as usual ?

TheGamerDood1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

My favorite part is when they said that the PS3 out sold the Xbox. Sony is a beast boy!

3GenGames1962d ago

Nintendo smashed both PS3 and 360 in console sales, plus they never sold at a loss. So really, Sony is just the first loser now.

hawkeyejonjon1962d ago

@3GenGames 3DS was selling at a loss and wii u is selling at a loss so you are wrong.

nix1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

i'm here because "PS3 sales surpass Xbox 360" story got 'failed'.

Congrats Sony!

change the damn title and let's start the faboyz warz again!!!! q:

Ravenor1962d ago


I think he means the Wii.

hawkeyejonjon1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

@Ravenor really? he should have said wii than because they practically means the company in general. Well when wii first came out it was selling at a loss

Edit: Wii/ Wii U/ 3DS/ DS started selling it at loss. Look it up. Am i saying its bad? no but if you state they never sold it at a loss, you are just lying to yourself.

ceballos77mx1962d ago

Its funny how the wii matters now that Sony passed Ms, my head's spinning with the hypocrisy.

AsimLeonheart1962d ago

Finally! The inevitable has happened and before the end of the generation unlike predicted by many XBOX fans. Congrats to Sony and PS3 fans and long live Playstation. Looking forward to PS4 now.

TheGamerDood1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

It's not just RROD that sold MS some hardware but all the bans that forced users to buy new, I'm sure they sold a ton of units for MS.

an oldie but goodie. xD

miyamoto1962d ago


since N4G decided to make the first approved article about PS3 out selling the 360 to failure status I will comment on the subject again

it was only a matter of time
congrats Sony PlayStation and Nintendo

congrats Japan for keeping your ground against the Western Pressure Banzai!

PlayStaytion brand is here to stay

The diversity of games on PS3 proved to be the balance that it needed to soar up high.

Thank you PlayStation

for nurturing the video games industry by planting new seeds of new IPs, game ideas and not glorify the past when the future dries up

Thank you for taking and giving back to gamers new seeds to harvest in the future

and not just sucking and milking it dry like that other company
who only want to take & take but not give or contribute back,
who only wants to make money on what exists and is popular at the time.
who has no vision of the future as long as they can make money now and steal exclusives.
who's only way of winning is to see PlayStation lose also - what a giant enemy crab mentality.

but I am waiting for damage control

I will not be surprised if M$ will add 2 million to jack up the numbers as damage control yet again.
Like a regenerating video game boss.

That has always been their practice.

Oh, and thank you PlayStation 3 for showing Microsoft, the worlds biggest software company the world, and Nintendo, the oldest video gaming company in the world...

... that decent and effective Anti-Piracy methods can actually be done and the fight against video game piracy can be won

... therefore giving software makers hope for actually profiting from their investment and have good ROI.

One of the reasons many PC developers, like Epic Games and Crytek, jumped to PS3 is because of its tight anti-piracy.

Thank you for safe guarding the interests of all people who make great video games on PS3.

Hoping this continues to the next PlayStation Entertainment System.

Arigato gozaimasu, PS3

PS: PS4 launching on a high happy victory note is very crucial and very important for Sony. because it boosts everything up:confidence, morale, investors investment, gamers' support and positive anticipation.

Perjoss1961d ago

I think Microsoft has done extremely well staying ahead on sales this long considering how big Sony was in the games industry and also considering that they only released their first console in 2001 compared to Sony releasing the PSX seven years before that in 1994.

Well done MS, and well done Sony

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black9111962d ago ShowReplies(6)
tommygunzII1962d ago

Good for Sony, they deserve it.

konnerbllb1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

Microsoft's 360 has been the best selling console for almost 24 months now. It should be mentioned that during this period it has also been #2 in overall sales, behind the will and ahead of the ps3. I don't understand how sony could suddenly outsell MS. It doesn't make sense.

Ezz20131962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

"Microsoft's 360 has been the best selling console for almost 24 months now."

that's the USA numbers
while the article numbers are from Worldwide

Grimhammer001962d ago

In my 360 days I gamed with many who reported RROD ....after the 3yr warranty or they bought used consoles that RROD.

I also have local friends who bought 360 after the 3yr warranty issues....they too went RROD.

3....4....even 5 consoles later. So you better believe Xbox sales are influenced in part by rebuys.

No 1 reason was gamerscore related nonsense or Xbox live titles.

If your invested in the ecosystem your hooked.

LightofDarkness1962d ago

Used sales don't count for shipped numbers, and they are generally not counted in sold-through numbers either (as those are tied uniquely to serial numbers in many cases).

DarkBlood1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

the day they stop doing physical is the day im GETTING TO THE CHOPPA GOOOOOOOOOO

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