Is TERA Going Free To Play A Good Thing?

Metal Arcade:

TERA’s F2P shift comes as no surprise in an evolving industry.

It’s funny, just yesterday I was planning to write about the possibility of En Masse Entertainment switching TERA out of its initial subscription-based model, after the game experienced a surge in popularity following Korean Publisher NHN’s decision to make the leap. Little did I expect that the conversion was already on the agenda.

This morning, EME declared that the North American version of TERA would be going F2P with an optional subscripton fee starting in February, with Gameforge announcing similar plans from the EU version of the game nearly simultaneously. Despite happening quite a bit quicker than anticipated, the switch seemed an obvious direction considering the fading glamour of the game.

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HappyGaming2013d ago

Free-2-Play is a lie... It should be called Pay-2-Win!
It gives an advantage to people who can afford to buy the upgrades. I don't see how it can possibly benefit gaming for us. Online gaming should be about how much skill you have no how far you are willing to reach into your pockets!

Meep2013d ago you think the fee to play model is bad??? The free to play model depends on the game, get off the stupid notion that free-to-play=Play-to-win, because it doesn't.

HappyGaming2012d ago

I just don't think you should be allowed to get any sort of advantage because you gave the company that made the game some money. No matter how big or small I don't see how it benefits the games competitiveness.

Meep2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

Yes you are right to an extent. Selling power is bad in Free-to-play. The good F2P games don't do that like Blacklight, LoL, Dota2, and Planetside2. Some people don't have time to play 100 hours of a game to get to a higher lvl. Also some people catch on games quickly so they are wrecking people the same lvl he is. Which is why boosts in F2P games exist. A good F2P game is balanced around the fact that it is F2P. Thats why when some subscription games go F2P it turns out awful.

Also have you heard of League of Legends? This game has earned millions of dollars and fans since release and has a huge e-sports scene. This game started out F2P and still made millions, and also has a huge competitive scene. Saying F2P is bad is like saying subscription is bad. Those are business models and it all depends on how the company executes their business model into their game.

NegativeCreepWA2013d ago

With a lot f2p games thats true, but look at games like Guild Wars 2 that do things the right way.

cemelc2013d ago

Guild wars 2 is not free to play you have to buy the game first so...

zeal0us2013d ago

"Online gaming should be about how much skill you have no how far you are willing to reach into your pockets."

I seen some people buy their way to the top and still get their butt kicks. You can throw all the money you want to in a game but if you have to little no skill that +10 sword, that gun or super strong character won't help you.

AznGaara2013d ago

I think its a good deal. I loved TERA but with the dated Quest System i couldn't imaging paying $15 every month. I honestly believe the next wave of MMOs should all adopt Guild War's payment strategy.

Honestly if TERA, with its awesome combat, had Guild War 2's quest structure, it'd be amazing.

Spenok2013d ago

I disagree. I couldn't get into Guild Wars 2. While the quest system was a unique one. It just seemed to me a little to lacking.

And while the whole WoW quest grind system is dated. It at least works. However I do wish MMO's had some other system for keeping players interested w/o giving them so few meaningless quests. I think more player focused, environment or world/game changing and/or meaningful content is the key. Yes Guild Wars2 had this. But it didn't mean anything. It was the everyday kill this, fetch that... just on a larger scale.

Gregard2013d ago

I disagree too! :P The dated quest system does NOT "work" ! When was the last time you actually read the quest, and not just the objectives (kill 10 X)?

So, no, it does not work! Not saying GW2's system is perfect, but at least you don't have to scroll through some text you never read and press an accept button :P (not to mention there is no kill stealing etc).

Now the voiced / cutscene parts I actually saw/listened, and that way you at least get some story through. Maybe that is the way to do it, through voiced clips or cutscenes. One thing is for sure, they need to come up with something better.

Spenok2012d ago

Wholeheartedly agree Gregard.

pandehz2013d ago

I agree, I just tried the unlimited trial on Tera europe and dam I couldnt stay on for longer than a few hrs.

Since Guild wars 2 everything else seems dated.

SeraphimBlade2013d ago

Depends, is this Nexon free-to-play or The Old Republic free-to-play? If it's the former, sign me up.

NegativeCreepWA2013d ago

I'm amazed Rift has held out for so long, but then again that is one solid mmo.

ALICE6662013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

Oh yes please! Been waiting for this announcement for some time now. Out of the last 5 mmo's (Rift, SWTOR, TSW, GW2 and this) I've tried this was probably the "funnest" one I had with. Wouldnt mind going back to see whats new. Yeh all F2P now just waiting on rift here too.. :D