Sports games alone justify EA's Take-Two offer, says Pachter

Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst Michael Pacther said that sports games, not Grand Theft Auto alone, provide the impetus for EA's offer to purchase Take-Two.

"EA is in a unique position to purchase Take-Two, but I didn't think they would," admitted Pachter.

Speaking to, he said that he thought it would be cheaper for EA to compete with Take-Two and force them out of the sports business.

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Iamback3950d ago

MArk my words if EA buys Take TWo and few other big companies in next couple of years(which they will, we all know it), then they will make their own console in future.

BlackCountryBob3950d ago

EA are fast becoming an monopoly, if they buy and then fold the take2 sports games they will be shutting down the only competition that exists in that field, its nothing but bad news for the consumer.

I don't think EA would risk releasing their own console as they know just how many gamers avoid them as much as possible but I think they will very soon start to throw their weight around to negotiate special deals with the console makers or drastically reducing or abolishing the various fees they have to pay to release. After all, it would be a big loss for any console to be missing EA games, it was a big part of the reason why the Dreamcast didn't make it.