GTA IV DLC Exclusivity Has Gamers Guessing

Microsoft has explained that the exclusive content planned for GTA IV will be in the form of expansions similar to GTA: Vice City, causing speculation on the future relationship between the franchise and Xbox 360 console.

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masterg3947d ago

Is it just me or is this pure rumors.
As I remember it it was a magazine that guessed what the DLC would be, not anything MS has announced.

cain1413947d ago

I agree that this extra content isn't a system seller for the 360, but it may cause a lot of us who have multiple systems to lean that way when buying this title...

Gamingisfornerds3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

Unless the graphical/performance difference is greatly in favour of the PS3, I'm going for the 360 verion.

I wonder how much of an edge this will give MS though, as I suspect the 'two console owners' market isn't big enough to have a significant impact. On the other hand, if MS promotes this advantage well enough, they might attract a LOT of newcomers.

Afterall, this game is a definite killerapp and will shift many consoles.

Bonsai12143947d ago

if microsoft advertises as we get a crap load of dlc for this game, sony should advertise that they're getting a whole new exclusive game from R*

ThaGeNeCySt3947d ago

No need for Sony to do that right now... Sony will boast about an exclusive new Rockstar IP when the game is on it's way.

Ghoul3946d ago

@ above

just wait,

when take2 is aquired by ea and rokstars contract runs out im pretty sure we will see rockstar under sonys banner as an exculsiv playstation brand

RJ20003946d ago

@ above

That would be the worst! Sports games would be terrible forever if EA bought TakeTwo. As well as some good other good genera games. But Rockstar is part of TakeTwo...? this confuses me

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Spike473947d ago

I'm gonna buy the ps3 version cause I have a ps3,lol.

If I had an xbox360 I would wait to see the price and content of the DLC and if good then I would buy the xbox360 version.

kevanio093947d ago tells us nothing more than the other stories that have been seeping through lately

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The story is too old to be commented.