Standing on the Precipice of the Graphics Cliff

Will McCool writes, "As with many I began my gaming days in the pixelated treasure that was the original NES. Praising it now may seem like applauding a caveman for discovering that wrapping himself in animal skins kept him from freezing to death, but at its release it was a visual powerhouse compared to the Atari and various other home gaming options of the day. Since then it’s always been a question of “what’s next?” In the early days, titles were generally short on story and sold their appeal by being fun and looking cool. Various techniques would be employed by developers to stand out; the Final Fantasy games sacrificed animations for your foes in favor of giving them a more striking look. Computer games incorporated clay-mation or even used live actors for cutscenes. Eventually true 3D graphics came on the scene. My first foray into the non-flat was the original Quake. I marveled at my ability to lob grenades onto higher levels and leap down to assail unsuspecting foes. Yet in this revolution may have been sown the seeds of gaming’s downfall."

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wishingW3L2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

what I hate about graphics is that devs like Square are so completely convinced that graphics sell games that they sacrifice scale for the sake of it and is obvious that they don't have the resources nor the skills to do both.

Scissorman822014d ago

Agreed. Take FFXIV for example. Sure, the failed MMO's re-branding looks amazing...but only if you go by the CG trailer.

Godmars2902014d ago

Fallen off more like it. this gen especially.

EddieNX 2014d ago

Nintendo was a bit too behind with the wii , but they seem to have hit the sweet spot with 3DS and Wiiu. The spot where graphics are important but Special development comes first.