The Controller Stress Test

Kotaku writes:

"A wildly amusing set of three stress tests on the PS3, Xbox 360, and Wiimote: how well do they hold up to gamer temper tantrums?"

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MaximusPrime3947d ago

lol stress test.

Wii controller is the one to be concerned about.

BrianC62343947d ago

I'd say the 360 controller is the one to be most concerned about. The Wii controller probably breaks easily but I bet more 360 controllers get thrown than any other. Every RROD has to end with at least one thrown controller.

straightpiff4203947d ago


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BrianC62343947d ago

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Mycococo3946d ago

well i have stoped now. i destroyed my sixaxis with a swift downward swing and COMPLETELY BROKE THE LEFT HANDLE OFF but i was able to salvage the internals and put it in a ps2 controller and it felt better anyway. i now have a 360 and did the same thing i did with the sixaxis to my 360 pad and all it did was pop open a bit but it pushed back together easy.

360 pad halo edition(green one) is as strong as master chiefs sales!

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power of Green 3947d ago

Xbox controllers have always been built like tanks even more so with the Xbox 1 controllers I thought they were over designed.

MaximusPrime3947d ago

yes i agreed. thats why there are so many FPS games.

PopEmUp3946d ago

The thing is xbox controller is like a tank is simply because its a brick that you used to play games with just for xbox only, isn't that right everyone?

Milky3946d ago

Its funny because just a minute ago my friends xbox 360 controller had popped open and now, when you shake it, it shuts down.


"Xbox controller is built like a tank"
Too bad the actual console is built like sh!t

Pain3946d ago

Those controllers could take a beating, I once threw one clean across the basement,bounce of the wall,
hit the floor,bounced few more times, plugged in worked fine, repeat many times lol, still worked ^^

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toughNAME3947d ago

its obviously more delicate than the rest

smokeymicpot3947d ago

The six axis is the weakest one. One time I was playing Cod4 or Restiance some guy killed me in a wall. I chcuked the controller at the wall the R2 and L2 buttons broke.

TheWickedOne3947d ago

I hate to admitted it but I tossed my PS3 controller to the ground once while playing Ass. Creed and broke the L2 button. Still not to happy about that. I was able to fix it but it's not as responsive anymore.

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The story is too old to be commented.