5 must have Unreal Tournament III mods

Fly on a jetpack, play with legos, emulate Gears of War and a lot more is possible thanks to user created mods for Unreal Tournament III. Here's 5 mods you must have!

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omoshiroi3946d ago

You can't see your crosshair or the enemy at certain angles it's crap.
And besides 1st person is way better for shooters anyway.

Jetpacks are fun, the slow mo death is cool too. My fave right now is low grav, big heads, and gibalicious.

masterg3946d ago

I never play without it. Action Cam rocks.

grilledgorlupa83946d ago

Im so happy Legos were invented

Variable3946d ago (Edited 3946d ago )

Lego map is a very fun level, but the framerate is horrible, so some optimization could make it even more fun to play (PS3 version I'm talking about, on the PC a PhysX processor should do the trick ;))

action cam mutator is good, but I like UT better in 1st person (but that's personal)

The others are perfect mods indeed! Maybe the Ripper Lite mod should be in here... (HINT: the ripper makes the Lego map even more fun to play, you should try it out! :D)

Agente473946d ago

The Lego map is not for "serious" gaming, it's just something really fun and original everyone should check out once.

AshleyRiot3946d ago

Haven't tried the lego map one yet but action cam on warfare i like alot. One i suggest everyone atleast try because it rocks is the mkRelics mutator. I tried it out on a DM with bots it's insane. Think of it like cod4 perks but with the mutator on the relics are pickups added to whatever map you play on. And you can hold 2 at a time. Examples: You pick up the Thorns relic now when someone is shooting at you you take damage but they take damage also. My favorite is the vengence relic you pick up this badboy and when you get killed a MASSIVE redeemer like blast goes off and obliterates anyone in the vicinity. It's totally wicked and looks sweet. There is a couple others but you gotta give it a try. Check the official unreal site for it.


i cant get enough UT3 mods,its so addicting.downloading them is like having a new game every time you ad one.this is the greatest shooter of all time.all you need to get the mods is go on thru your ps3 browser and a folder on a memory stik from your pc and come join the WAR!ONLINE MADNESS!!

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